Seven Secrets That Experts Of Teen Patti Rules Don’T Want You To Know

Teen Patti is a fun game but just like any other card game experience you do get to enter some unique challenges if you don’t learn how to play it properly. If you want to win often, you do need to work hard and figure out some tactics that will help you achieve this type of results. Granted, it will not be easy to do such a thing but you have to work hard and the experience will be worth it for sure. With that in mind, here are some tips that will help you better understand the Teen Patti rules and improve your


Simply put the ace, king 4, as well as the 7, can become the jokers. Not a lot of people know this but you can use them as a missing color substitute if you want to complete a specific sequence. It’s an interesting tool for sure but not a lot of people know it. In fact, this is one of the many secrets that you can find in the Teen Patti game.

Blind players

People that don’t look at their cards need to place the current stake and you should avoid placing more than 2 times the current stake. This is one of the rules that will help protect you in the long run, as there are many challenges that you need to face here from that thing alone.

The intricate show rules

The show rules are hard to understand, but one thing has to be kept in mind. The show won’t be able to appear unless all players except for 2 have dropped. If you want to initiate a show, keep playing and stick to the final 2.


Teen Patti betting is different from poker as there are no equalizing bets. You can’t make a showdown if you have more than 2 players and you are slightly limited when betting. It still is a great experience.

The best ranks

The Teen Patti rules are a little hard to understand when it comes to ranks. The best rank is a trio, then you have other good ranks like straight runs and normal runs or color. These all add up in order to provide you with a very good value.

Agreeing on the initial stake

The initial stake has to be agreed upon and you shouldn’t leave it out. It really is something diverse when compared to other games, especially since that stake can have a massive impact on the game experience.


If you fold, you will automatically drop from betting. As a result, you will sacrifice money and you should refrain from doing that. It might sound helpful but it really isn’t.

Yes, the Teen Patti rules might hide some great secrets that you can harness and you should definitely take complete control over that. The more you start taking advantage of these rules the better it will be, so take your time and access the best experience you possibly can!

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