Thoroughfares to make out whether the guy you’re dating is a jerk

People easily tend to fall in love and that too with these dating applications we easily get to know a lot of people who are of our kind. We easily draw up a conclusion about the person’s attitude and character and get into a relationship. At the very first meet, we would think that the opposite gender we get to know will be our soul mate and they would appear to be the right one for us. But often the first meeting will not let us judge the exact attitude of the one; it’s because that we often tend to be reserved and serene at the first meet. Love probably seduces our mind like a drug and we fall in with commitments with the wrong person and regret later.
Girls easily get impressed with a guy if he is smart, good looking, jovial and if he is of fun to be with kind of person. They often forget to investigate about his inner personality and start trusting that a person who goes well with his physical appearance is all enough for a relationship. But to the fact, there are a lot of jerks and duffers around us. They are too boastful and have plenty of pride thinking that they are the only ones who knows what’s right and what’s not. We get to know about them when it’s too late to regret. We feel like we are caught up in something which we can never depart from. Why choose the wrong person and then regret later? Once you’re into a commitment there is nothing wrong verifying with a few things. We can unmask the duffer who pretends to be a nice guy in a few days with a few signs. If the results over the signs seem to positive then it’s better that you get ready to bay goodbyes to the jerk who kept dating you.
Here are a few signs which show that the guy you’re dating is a jerk or a blockhead.

The Blamer
He often puts the blame on somebody. Like not just between you and him, he is basically of the type who blames all his faults on someone. He never accepts he was wrong at some point. This would seriously ruin the relationship either because these kinds of stubborn jerks will never understand anything when there is an argument between both. He could think only of his level of perception else he’ll pull who to the state of stupidity he survives at.

Being unpredictable
They don’t have one peculiar or at least as far as character is concerned they are characterless. They’ll be like an angle one day and another day the exact contradiction. They often expect us to throw out every of our ego and fall on their feet when there is an argument. Often tries to make us submissive and demands us to swing along with their bloody mood swings. It’s a trap, once you start to adhere to their demands.

Often checks on our activities
The one who truly loves will miss you if you’re away or if he couldn’t reach you when you’re busy. They will wait for you until you get back and will surely let you that they kept missing you so long. But on contrast, if the guy bounces on you for not contacting you as you do usually then stop and think about it again. Because it’s a sign that he is a total jerk and he is suspecting on you. Possessiveness is also a sign of true love nut this doesn’t come under that category they will be listed under those morons who never trust their better half and feel unsecured for no apparent reason.

Too nosy and savage in behavior
They often interfere into every of our affairs. And keep giving suggestions for every petty thing and expects us to go by the suggestions either. Dominant by nature and never let us think with one’s piece of mind. And this is the topmost red rag to catch the guy that he is a total jerk if he gets to mock others and make fun of them with their disabilities and flaws. If you get to date a person like this better makes this as the last date with him.

Self-centered and never cares about others
If you track in with a conversation with a jerk he would probably be given you least space to share your life stories and other kinds of stuff about you. As your relationship gets deeper you will never find a space where you can share stuff about you to him. He will dominate the entire conversation with his life stories and be boasting about himself. He would have shown some care for at the beginning but they would be for the sake of getting you into his trap later you will never find him bothering about you and your life.

Bluffs about his past life
If a guy keeps constantly nagging about his ex-girlfriend and says that I was completely her fault for the breakup, don’t blindly go with his point. Because we don’t know what happened on the other side, on a flip of a coin the story can have a few scene which is deleted by the narrator. You need to enquire to his ex to know what had really happened. It’s absolutely an unnecessary thing, though. But it’s not usual for a genuine and nice guy to talk trash about his ex-girlfriend and definitely, a legitimate gentleman will never get to talk about such delicate things on and on. And undoubtedly it’s not possible for an earnest person to talk at the back of someone who he used to call darling, sweetheart and so on. So if you witness to see your guy do the same thing, better stay away else you will be the next trash story for him to tell to another girl.

Cares too much about your looks
If starts suggesting about a changeover from you like “Why don’t you go to the gym to get better curves?”, or “This color skirt doesn’t go well on you”, or like cut your hair, disguise yourself in such a way I get more impressed, then it’s a red flag that he is absolutely a dumbass and will never fit into a long term relationship. A genuine person will not expect anything this way from his better half and will never demand his girl to look the way he wants her to look. This will wholly describe how childish and immature he is.

When he blames the alcohol for his cheap behaviors
Late at the night when you get irrelevant texts about the past fights you had with him and sometimes if he gets to treat you in such way that your dignity gets ruined and the next day he simply brings up a SORRY text blaming that he was drunk is damn so ridiculous. Nobody is forced to drink and whatever comes as words are already from the heart. He spoke out because of this alcohol which acts as an engine to bring out the things he had from his heart. So don’t accept the ridiculous apologies and save your dignity. It’s for a reason if once we let our dignity flaunt down their feet it will never resume to its position. This is not called as Egoism but Self respect.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies is a leading social and mobile development company which has launched a Discreet Dating App called Datingo . I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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