The Three Uncommon Tactical Knives

Multitools Tactical Knife

Multitools Tactical Knife

Since the beginning of the human civilization, the knife has a major role in our life. You may know or use different types of the knife in your daily work. Different type of knife has some unique role in our daily lives. But still today, most of the people don’t recognize one knife correctly, it is the Tactical Knife. The producer of the knife has been misguiding us for selling their regular knife as the tactical knife. Today let me clarify you.

The Tactical Knife:

A sharp blade with handle can make a blade, and you can use it for various purposes. But there is some unique type of knife which is used for some specific purposes like fighting, using as a tool or using for different kinds of work that is called the tactical knife. You will find two type of knife one is a tactical folding knife, and another is the tactical fighting knife. There are lots of tactical knife around the work, but here I have shared about the Three Uncommon Tactical Knives.

Tactical Martial Arts Knife:

Martial Arts is one of most popular self-defence technique humanity have ever invented. The tactical martial arts knife is completely different than other tactical knives. This kind of knives usually use to kill the enemy or for self-defense use.   The user uses it as an ultimate weapon. Also, to use this sort of knife you must need some trading and experience.

There are lots of verities on the measurement of this knife. Also, its size depends on the use of the technique. So it is not easy to tell its standard size. The Tanto Knife, Dagger Knife, Throwing Knife, Spear are most famous tactical martial arts knife.

After our research, we have found most favorite brands for this knife are Ace Martial Arts Supply, Cold Steel, BladesUSA, and Perfect Point, etc.

Also, those popular brands like to use these type of stainless steels, 440 stainless steel, Two-tone black-and-silver stainless steel, Santoprene, 440 stainless steel, etc.

Multitools Tactical Knife:

Sufficiently durable to last a lifetime, and fully assured of it, this kind of knife consists all the implements required for play and work. Whether you are just moving through your entire day or traveling over the whole world, this type of knife is really considered as the pocket knife for mainly tinkerers on the move.  I may find two or more blades with a multi-tool folding knife.

In general, the size is like Blade Length: 3.58” (91mm), Folding Height: .669” and Weight: 2.963 oz.

A few stainless steel blades are the most popular for those brands like 5CR13 stainless steel made blade, and The HR-30 uses high-quality 440C Steel, etc.

On my analysis, I have found most favorite brands for this knife are Hoffman-Richter, Bone Collector, Cevinee, VictoriNox etc.

Tactical Utility Knife:

Pretty much cozy to hold and simply pocketable, the Gerber E.A.B. Laities consist of a utility blade that’s perfectly replaceable with either 2-1/4-inch standard size utility blades or contractor grades.

To sum up, these are a few of the knives that you may consider whenever you will be going to exploring the entire world. At the same time, they will give you a killer supports while hunting anywhere in the forest, mainly perfect for the hunters as well in some cases!

The majority of the time, the size is like 5.1-inch open length, 2.3-inch blade length, 2.8-inch closed length, 2.5-ounce weight, and 2.2-inch folding length.

A few stainless steel blades are the most popular for those brands like Replaceable 440A Stainless Steel blade, Stainless steel blade-sliding-track, Contractor-grade replaceable utility steel blade, etc.

Some of the very popular brands for this kind of knife is WorkPro, Stanley, Gerber, NT Cutter and Klein Tools.

Finally, I would like to show you some famous brands for this type of knife is SOG, TEK, Snake Eye Tactical, TAC Force and MTech, Ka-Bar, Zero Tolerance, Spyderco, Morakniv, Kershaw, Buck Knives, Cold Steel, Ka-Bar, Spyderco and Smith & Wesson in the USA.