About Time We Migrate Back to Microsoft PowerPoint for Presentation Making

We are using a lot of new apps and websites for slide sharing and basic presentation making in the present. But not very long ago, everyone had only one option or they rather preferred PowerPoint over all other apps and websites. So what happened and why did they all switch to the other options over PowerPoint? Now that users want a complete interactive presentation and a type of working platform where you can do collaborative work instead of working offline in several different places at different times, plus new templates, better-looking presentations were only possible through other sources.

Microsoft decided to gain back their users and offered their Office 365 subscribers with real-time collaboration. Microsoft is updating its Windows version of PowerPoint to present with the Microsoft Office 365 subscribers with a collaborative presentation making the experience. And yes, it means that the subscribers when during presentation making will be able to see the changes in real-time that someone else is making and they will be able to see when someone is typing and so on. It is without a doubt that even though it is currently available for the office 365 subscribers at the moment, it will be more widely available in the near future.

So if you have recently switched to some other presentation making a platform, you might as well plan to move back because you’re favorite presentation making platform will give you all in one place. Especially when it sends you notifications on updates if someone was editing the documents on excel etc, it becomes a great tool and resource. It is currently only available for Microsoft and Android so an iOS update which is expected to arrive sometime in December is expected to be bringing it for wider audience and users.

So, currently saying whether or not will it be as good as other options out there for presentations is a little too early. The notification feature sounds too good and too useful but when people have free presentation making options with free everything, it is currently hard to guess who will be the main users of PowerPoint. In academic life, students are often looking for better options and their preferences are on-the-go editable resources which have benefits both offline and online and better looking presentations, there is a thin chance that students will use PowerPoint that is available for subscribers only.

Since Microsoft knows its way back in there may be a plan to come up with better and cheaper options depending upon who they are targeting. But currently it is either the free version of PowerPoint which is old and has a very limited type of stuff and that too needs subscribing against the hundreds of other apps which are of course available for free and offering much more than just basic presentation making. It is however too early to tell and maybe with an update Microsoft decides to announce some enough free features to attract more people.

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