Tips-How to Cut Down Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

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Wedding ought to be grand affair, requires good amount of money to be spend or you can reduce the expenditure by limiting the food and drinks being served. Some of the useful tips mentioned here will help you eat, drink, and get married without having to worry about the pocket. Deciding the items and arrangements of wedding day menu is one hassle. A never breaking trend to serve variety of small but delicious treats arranged by Buffet Catering in Singapore is in manner.

Things to keep in mind :

A reception is simply put to fantastically say thanks to your guests who have taken the time to attend your weeding. A wedding no matter how grand or downsized is incomplete without customary lunch or dinner after the reception that often follows official ceremony. This in directly means food and drink plays the important part at wedding reception. After all, guests will have to fond memories of wedding only ad only if they had good time in the event. Which again reminds the importance of ensuring guests is well fed and served and has a good cocktail at the reception.Five Food Path

Best ideas to downsize food budget is to do away with wedding ceremony. Opt for registry at City Hall followed by small get together for family and friends in the comfort and vicinity of the home. Organize for handful of guest the reception not calling everyone on the contact list. Hire Mini Buffet catering in Singapore for the small-scale reception is better option as it will include only your dearest and closed one which will end up saving on total amount you spend on the food and drinks served. It also makes sense to have small reception as you get to attend to each of your guest invited to the reception making them happy as well and contented lot.

With reducing the guest list you can do many things- have a backyard wedding, have a barbeque session, interact better with the guests. If the idea of barbeque session does not catch your fancy, you can always opt for backyard cookout session. This way you cut down the cost as well in terms of venues as well as the food cost. The best way to limit the food bill is to have early ceremony followed by brunch. Advantage on brunch is reducing the cost on drinks, restricted to only the wine and champagne. Instead you will serve with breakfast inspired menu instead full course meal.

Cupcake tier instead of regular wedding cake sounds more fun. As the wedding cake bits into large chunk of the expenditure it will be reduced. Opting for cupcakes at home and pool up a couple of friends to get cake decorated to suit your wedding cake. Have cupcakes at reasonable rates deal up to serve the cake easier. Another good option is to implement by canceling the desserts from the menu and serve wedding cake post dinner. Keep the thing simple no fizz neither fuzz to be at reception. Skip the cocktail session altogether and serve complimentary drink if this is not enough try serving limited amount of drinks.

Best tips to cut down the wedding food cost are to rope in your family if it is large one and have a cookout.

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