Tips for Making Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens With Flawless Lighting

Those looking for a solution to fight spring and warmer temperatures, outdoor kitchens are a perfect pick. Nothing beats the style and function than an outdoor cooking area can provide especially when you’re a kind of party person.

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest trends in the home building because they not only represent the luxury but are fully functional too. Just imagine yourself enjoying your favorite food without running back and forth. This is where an outdoor cooking place helps you and for this you need to properly design it so that it can function as your indoor kitchen.


When we talk about Australian outdoor kitchens, lighting play an important role and here are a few tips to make it flawless for a memorable dining experience.

Outdoor Kitchens With Traditional Cabinets: From chopping vegetables for your dish to mixing and pouring drinks, task lighting allows you to cook safe and check whether food is fully cooked before serving. And if you’ve traditional cabinets or shelves, mount rope lights could be a better option. Install indoor or outdoor puck lights under the lowest shelf and make sure the fixtures are rated for use in wet locations.

Outdoor Kitchens Against A Wall: If it sits against a wall with no cabinets or a bar, a rope light could be a perfect solution. The best place to install it is where the wall and counter meet because you need a constant source. You can also attach a series of light fixtures to give it an attractive look and enhance the functionality. Make sure that the materials are of premium quality as the fixtures are going to withstand dynamic climate conditions.

Outdoor Kitchens With A Raised Bar: Having a place with a raised bar but no shelves mean you have to be a little more creative. Very low-profile light fixtures can do wonders in this case or you may also use LED tape lights. You can also get the bar customized to hang a beautiful overhead light to give your kitchen an appealing look.

Outdoor Kitchens With A Flat Counter: For a place with a flat counter and no walls, you need to be very smart because these kind of kitchens are the trickiest ones. In an open air space, pendants are the easiest way to enhance both the look and function. Recessed accent lights can also be used for bringing that extra light and charm.

Well! Whatever type of light fixtures you choose to install in your outdoor kitchens, make sure they are safe, stylish, and rated for use in different climate conditions.


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