Top 3 Jobs in the Aviation Industry

Aviation Industry

Aviation IndustryThe aviation industry is the most rewarding and fastest growing sector of the current job market. It offers many lucrative job opportunities with prosperous growth, increased salary package, and so many benefits.

The following three are the very beneficial career in an aviation sector that caters the interest and talent of most of the people. Top placement agencies like Shibani Air Services  provide guaranteed placement to aspiring candidates for the profile they dream. Let’s take a quick look at job duties and qualifications for a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, and flight attendant.

  1. Pilots

The pilot is the most wonderful careers in the aviation industry that every person dreams. The maximum salary range and high recognition in the society make it the choice of numbers of people.

Role and responsibilities: A pilot is a responsible person who operates a plane’s engines and controls to fly and navigate the plane. They have the responsibility of more than hundreds of people in a single airplane. They check the engine system and hydraulic devices to ensure pre-flight safety and control the aircraft systems in-flight. A good pilot must be able to fly an airplane properly in all the possible hazards and unfavorable weather condition.

Qualification and skills: To become a pilot, an individual need 10+2 education in PCM (physics, chemistry, and maths) as major subjects with minimum 50% marks, and bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, aircraft operations, aviation, and related areas. Problem-solving, good depth perception, better communication, strong reaction time, and ability to control and use navigation systems and aircraft computer are some of the key skills that a pilot must-have.

  1. Flight attendants

It is the best career option for those wants to work in the aviation industry with minimal educational commitment. Training for this profile is generally provided with the airline that usually lasts for 3 to 6 weeks. The exciting thing about this profile is that a flight attendant spends most of their time in traveling.

Role and responsibilities: Flight attendant must be able to deal with all the emergency situations such as medical circumstances and aircraft evacuations. They have to ensure passengers fasten their seatbelts, direct them in a case of emergency, take care of their needs, explain the use of emergency tools, reassure them during flight, and serve the refreshments or snacks.  They also attend the preflight explanation on the details of a flight.

Qualifications and skills: 10+2 is the minimum educational requirement. Some airlines hire the candidate with degree courses in business, social science, hospitality, and other areas. Good physical stamina, attentiveness, decision-making, effective communication, and customer-service are the important qualities of a flight attendant.  

  1. Aircraft maintenance engineer (AME)

This could be the most exciting career with so much scope in the future. The salary for the license holder AME varies i.e. it ranges from thousands to lakhs.

Roles and responsibilities: AME perform various duties that include maintenance, repairing, inspection, and upgrades to keep the aircraft in the good condition ensuring its effective working. The main duties include performing and keeping record of scheduled maintenance, troubleshoot problems, and preparation for FAA inspection.   

Qualifications and skills: A candidate need to complete 12th in PCM stream with 50% marks. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approved training program and on-the-job training is also required. They need to undergo a three-year certificate course on aircraft maintenance engineering organized by several training schools approved by director general of civil aviation (DGCA). Problem-solving, good attentiveness, better visualization, spatial perception, and manual dexterity are the major skills for an aircraft maintenance engineer.

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