Top 5 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders

5 Best Wordpress Drag and Drop Page Builders

5 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page BuildersWordPress builders are becoming more popular day by day. One can easily build stylish and professional looking articles and website designs with the help page builder. Anyone can build pages using drag and drop system. Drag and drop page builders can be with the WordPress theme as they are WordPress plugins. The purpose of all the page builders is same; still, they work in different ways. Many beginners face the difficulty in changing the page layout on their site, while their work on the blog. There are many page layouts of WordPress themes which cannot be customized without the help of code language knowledge. Hence we use different WordPress drag and drop page Builders. They allow customizing every component on the site without writing a single line of code and component may include a content slider, full-width images etc. You can check applications to know more about web apps and tools.

Top 5 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders:

  1. Beaver Builder: Beaver builder is a drag and drops page builder and very easy to use. There are 15-page templates in beaver builder which help you to build pages. There are 20 content modules which help you insert any type of content into your website. Beaver builder comes with pre-made templates. This allows live front end editing. This also supports WordPress widgets and shortcodes.
  1. Visual Composer: This page builder allows you to style content in the front end or the back end. There are 45 content modules available in the visual composer, for instance, social media module, charts, media supports and more. This includes shortcode mapper for third party shortcodes.
  1. Divi Builder: Divi builder is a WordPress plugin that works with any WordPress theme. With the help of Divi drag and drop builder, you can create beautiful layouts. Divi library is one of the best features of Divi builder, as this offers many preset layouts. This builder uses three main building blocks. They are:
  • Sections: This is the most basic and largest building block used in designing layout with Divi. This is used to create top-level areas on your website.
  • Rows: You can place any number of rows in the section. There are many row types that you can use.
  • Modules: Modules are an element that creates your website.
  1. Themify Builder: This is a user-friendly drag and drops page builder which uses its own built-in cache system to reduce server load and improve performance. This also provides support for WordPress multi-site languages and for major plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast etc. It has a lot of styling options such as video backgrounds and a wide range of animations. Here you can edit pages wherever you like with the help of front end editor and back-end editor.
  1. Elementor: Elementor is one of the powerful drag and drops page builders. This is used to create high-end, pixel perfect websites. This plugin includes 28 amazing widgets for customizing web pages. Elementor is a live editor. This version comes with added plugin. If you need any change in design as your website, the option to upgrade is an advantage over other plugins.


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