Virtual Reality Reshaping Travel Technology

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The Virtual Reality is reshaping the way people travel or even plan for travel. Goggle Glass, iWatches, the virtual headphones, all these are the upcoming devices present today for giving an enjoyable, smooth and comfortable experience to the people who like to explore and travel differently.30e6022a-2950-4234-a610-1508c2fc4ae4

So, what actually Virtual Travel is? Virtual Travel basically creates an environment where one can see real or imaginary places by being physically or virtually present there as well as can get into an interaction with that environment thereby creating Artificial Sensory Experiences.

The multidimensional movies such as 5D or 7D where the audience feel engrossed into the things going on the screen. They feel they are a part of the movie rather than the audience just watching a movie.

The VR devices giving the feel of this virtual interaction are very powerful and have a lot of potential for the Industries that are into Travel. Virtual journeys are created and in the process, creativity and imagination matters a lot.

Some of the ways VR helps Travel Industry are as follows:

Airline Companies: The airline companies can provide a virtual demonstration of aircraft cabin, Business lounges, virtual placement of seats for easy selection.

Hotels: The hotels can provide a virtual tour of the rooms and other amenities they have. Google also provides them with the service to opt for virtual tours where Google experts can visit the place and make the whole movie of the place.

Automakers: The demonstration of the interior look of the cars, to make them feel and experience the comfort of the cars and other vehicles like Volvo Buses.

Conference and Exhibition Centres: To demonstrate the meeting rooms, conference rooms etc.

Movie halls, Auditorium: One can select the location and the seats as per their convenience through virtual tools and can get the demonstration of spaces and sitting arrangements while attending a live concert in a large auditorium.

Restaurant Business: One can visit and take the feel of restaurant virtually in order to reserve their favourite table or in order to select the one among many options.

Now as we know about the fun and amazing experiences Virtual reality can provide in so many creative ways, let’s have a look at some of the companies which provides such an adventure.

The first in the list is Lufthansa Airlines VR experience where the visitors were made to sit in a VR chair with a joystick in their hands. What they feel is the flight experience with the virtual them boarding the plane, airhostess greeting them, the smile neighbours pass to them, the drink they get and finally the destination where they enjoy. This is such an interactive plot and really helps in creating a positive experience in long run while upselling in the short. The automakers are also taking advantage with the trend Lexus has set in the Industry by providing a virtual test drive to the prospects through Oculus Rift.

The energy drink Red Bull uses VR technology in air shows to make the people have an idea of how it feels when they are in the cockpit. The enclosed room can get you goose bumps as you are on a virtual roller coaster ride.

So, the technologies in this field are so amazing with 36o degree virtual videos, Oculus rift and other such tools. Let’s just imagine what these travel technologies have in future for us.

The travel automation has been the need of the hour and only those businesses which understand this will be able to withstand competition. This is the reason many companies are outsourcing Travel Portal Development Services to reach to the wider audience and expand the horizons of travelling.