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Dubrovnik Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit. The country’s coastline is especially beautiful as many historic sites and beautiful buildings surround the country’s border with the Adriatic Sea. These great spots around the coastline are all places that deserve to be
noticed and can even be accessed during a cruise around the countryside.

Zicara Dubrovnik :

The Zicara Dubrovnik is a great place worth visiting in the city of Dubrovnik. This is a cable car ride that brings people up to a high plateau that gives people great views of the Old City district as well as the Adriatic Sea. People can see the many forms of real estate Croatia has to offer from up in the sky. The impressive views of the city especially add a striking look that stands out and offers a fascinating look all the way around.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Makarska : 

The old port town of Makarska is a space on the coast featuring several old stone buildings from original settlements. See the impressive history of Croatia at this attraction. Look at how well the buildings are laid out and see what has helped them to stay intact for so long.  This is a distinct place that highlights the important history of the area.

Park Suma Marjan : 

The city of Split is home to this next place on the Croatian coast. See the old watch towers around the park plus the sandy beaches along the corners of the park. When heading into the park, see the walking trails that move along various large trees and even surround a few special sculptures. These include many Mestrovic sculptures. In fact, a museum dedicated to his work is located not too far from the park.


Mljet Island :

Go a little further off of the mainland to see Mljet Island. Located near the southern end of the country, this island on the coast features many saltwater lakes moving through plus a few biking and hiking trails. The Odysseus cave is a beautiful space that holds a bit of mystery with its many curves and slanted surfaces all the way around. The mostly untouched walls around the cave make for one of the more distinctive attractions for people to see in the region.

Peljesac Peninsula : 

The Peljesac Peninsula is in the midway point between Dubrovnik and Split. The long strip of land is a popular place for sailing with its clear waters surrounding the area. The region is home to many prominent wineries that offer great views of the sea. Windsurfing is especially popular around this part of the country. See the Sveti Ilija Mountain and notice the large greenery that surrounds this part of the country.

All of these spots around the coast of Croatia show that it is truly a fascinating place to visit. Whether it is on an inland trip or while on a cruise along the coast, make sure to look for these spots to see what makes them special places within the country.