Wifi Training- Enhance your Understanding and Advanced Learning

No doubt Wi-Fi is an amazing wireless technology which is gaining the tremendous popularity by changing the means of communication. It has become the significant option for almost all the businesses because of the key features of mobility, security, and great speed.

Wi-Fi Training for the entry-level and experienced professionals is designed to benchmark the deeper knowledge of wireless network and its applications. Changing customer behavior and advancement in the technology has led to the increased competition within the telecom industry and other companies providing wifi network or services.

Wifi marketing is the growing business in the recent years and will emerge out as the fastest opportunity for the business marketers. It is easier, better, and faster than social media allowing the marketers to get a deeper view into customer behavior. Other than this, there are many professional jobs or business that uses wifi as significant factor. The technological world has changed drastically. Today, everyone loves to access the network within milliseconds. Thus, if you are seeking for the opportunity to meet the consumer’s demand then Wifi Training and solutions from the reputed company or organization is best option for you.

Trainees able to understand the challenges faced in the everyday business such as emerging technologies and strategic development. Courses are packed with lots of useful content giving the real hands-on experience to bring learning to life and improve the working experience to workplace. Various quiz, tests, and exercises are performed to ensure learner understand the concepts putting theory into practice.

WiFi Technology Courses : 

• Wifi Overview
Targeting engineering staff and managers, this course provide overview of this wireless network, physical layer of IEEE 802.11, advanced physical layer concept, MAC layer in 802.11, and more concepts that will complete in two days.

• Emerging and Advanced Wifi
This course is conduct only for one day containing the content of emerging wifi standards and initiatives of IEEE 802.11ac and evolutions.

• Wifi PHY and MAC Explained
This is also a two day training course organized for engineering staff and managers to provide understanding of PHY layer foundation, PHY layer in 802.11, and MAC in 802.11.

• Wifi Boot Camp
This is a 10 day course targeting product architects, testing, development, and design engineers providing the complete understanding of WiFi technology and IP Networking (TCP/IP). During first day, learners will understand IP networking TCP/IP foundation, link and IP layer, core application layer protocol, IP and transport layer, VLAN and STP with packet tracker. On other days, you will learn about medium access control concept, lab exercises, QoS in WLAN concepts, lab sessions, WLAN security concept and performance, 802.11 network operation and deployment aspects, upcoming 802.11 evolutions and impacts, latest Wi-Fi certification program and deployment aspects.

• Wifi Protocol Layers
This 4 day course designed for engineering managers and staff to provide understanding of working of Wifi network, building blocks, and technologies. This course covers all the essential information such as WLAN basics including its applications, fundamental lab experiments, etc, MAC access, framing and management, security and QoS.

Training programs help participants to adopt the advanced technologies available in the market and skills required to employ them in the work. There are many specialist provider of certified and qualified telecom training solution with a complete focus on wireless technologies and coming generation communication network to enterprises and working professionals.

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