6 Awesome Home Decor Hacks

Home Decor Hacks

“I don’t care if the colors clash. Personality should be reflected in a house.” –Jane Pritchard, Designer

Home decors are what give a home character and personality. It is a defining statement of the dwellers of the home. Sometimes, even the smallest tweaks could make the most startling difference to a home. It is in these little design elements that would make the home more attractive, interesting and personal.CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE RUG For Home Decor

Decorating your home might be a little tricky and some stores would charge you exorbitantly for excellent pieces of décor. But this does not always have to be the case. With these handy tips and tricks below, you are guaranteed to give any place or any room in your home an instant uplift.

Here are the 6 Awesome Home Decor Hacks:


Give your home a touch of elegance and hang your curtains high. Hanging your curtains higher gives your home the illusion of higher ceilings which in effect would make your space seem larger and a lot grander.

Invest in the right kind of curtains and give it a little height to add a bit of class and sophistication to any room or space in your home. The curtains do not have to be expensive, just choose one with the right trim and which you can hang high on your walls.


Homeowners tend to make the novice mistake of buying too small rugs because its larger counterparts are a tad bit too expensive. However, before purchasing a rug, make sure to accurately measure your seating area and choose the next bigger size. In effect, it will make the whole room look bigger.


Instead of sticking a expensive focal painting in one corner of the room, hang a gallery of small and elegant but inexpensive ones in one area. When it is done right, they will look excellent.

Make sure you start out with a structured space or they will otherwise be too overwhelming and will cause the room to look cluttered. For a safer approach, arrange an array of black, white and mirrored frames to help achieve a cohesive and elegant finish.


Rooms often tend to feel bland and boring even with all the many design elements you have incorporated into it. The vases, lamps, rugs and other decors you have invested in would feel incomplete and would fall flat.

To bring it all together, you are missing a secret ingredient, and this is texture. Add texture to your room—layers and layers of it and see all of the design elements come together.


Add some light behind your bed by putting it against one window of your room. This nifty trick would soften a room and create the illusion of height as well.

Make your headboards stand and pop out by moving your bed in front of a window. This will create an illusion of open space in your bedroom as well.


If you are running low on cash or are operating on a strict budget, instead of purchasing expensive decor, make use of items you are already in possession of.

Unexpected items and knick knacks such as hats, pieces of silverware and china will make unexpected but excellent design elements. Hang your various hats in hooks in one corner of the room, display your silverware on a side table in one area of the kitchen, display the antique china in a cupboard–the possibilities are endless.

And the great thing about this is? It is a great way to showcase some personality in your home without having to spend so much.Home Decor Hacks

Author Bio: This article is written by Tanya Gomez, a blogger from Manila Philippines. She loves to write articles about home improvement, wedding decors, wedding tips and also travel. She also blogs for Hizon’s Catering, the trusted catering company in the Philippines.

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