Everything You Should Know About The Best Outdoor Fireplaces

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Are you planning to get the outdoor fireplaces? These are the places outside your home for building fires. They are mostly made of brick, stone, or concrete similar to an indoor fireplace, which you have inside your home. It mostly has a chimney and a firebox. For the best performance, it requires regular cleaning and maintenance, as in the case of indoor ones. Unlike indoor fireplaces, which are mostly used for heating in cold climatic conditions, the outdoor one is used for cooking. Some are designed double as wood-fired ovens, which allow you to make different types of meals. They can be a decorative element, which helps you to enjoy the heat while entertaining in the backyard of your house.

Here are few important tips to select the best and the right type of outdoor fireplaces:

Fireplaces make your patio or backyards more beautiful and welcoming than a warm and safe fire. You need to choose the right type of fire pit that fits your space and meets your needs is an important task.

There are two major type of outdoor fireplaces or freestanding fire pits.

# Space: Spacing is an important factor to take into consideration. An enclosed space or under the roof is not the ideal place for the fire. Maintain the safe distance from trees the sparks or flames can be dangerous.

# Materials: You need to select the right type of material for your fireplace. There are many different types of materials available in the market.

  • Copper: It is a durable and a good heat conductor material. It is also corrosion free.
  • Stainless steel: They are very easy to clean and maintain and has high melting point. They are heavy and durable.
  • Ceramic: It has a low maintenance and suits all types of weather conditions. It is heat resistant and fragile.
  • Iron: It is somehow a better option over steel, as it radiates and conducts heat.
  • Aluminum: This is one of the best options available, as it is lightweight has low maintenance and does not rust.

Types of fire pits :

# Chimneys: It gives the unique touch, as it is a charming fire pit with its design and touch. These types have closed sides with an opening on top and front side.

They are easily available in the market and found in most of the home and garden stores with different styles. Chimneys with the ceramic material can be painted with some beautiful colours. Their design is helpful in keeping the smoke out and had a beautiful look.

  • Merits: They are unique in style, safe, and are a good smoke controlling option.

# Fire Bowls: It is the perfect option if you are looking for a campfire effect. They are more cheap and portable options. It is one of the most popular choices, as it is simple and has an effective design for the fire pit. It also prevents fire accidents keeping the fire within the bowl. For large groups, these are the best option to enjoy around bonfire.

  • Merits: They are good for the simple campfire and are portable with a low maintenance.

# Fire pit tables: If you want the fire to be higher from the ground, these are the perfect solution for you. They are ideal for cooking food. They are in different shapes and sizes as per your needs.

  • Merits: Fire sits higher and provides a table top surface, which is great for cooking. It can also be used as the footrest.

Above are some of the useful tips you can keep in mind while selecting the best outdoor fireplaces. Therefore, choose your fireplace accordingly as per your requirement.

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