Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

There are so many different options from which to choose when designing a new swimming pool. Here are some tips from a pool building specialist with almost 30 years of experience:

  1. Your available space is important.

The size of your property where the pool will be located and your desired use will dictate what can and cannot be put into your pool design. If you wish to do entertaining on the pool deck, for instance, but you have limited available space, then a rectangular pool that takes up almost all the area will not work. You either need to opt out of the entertaining option or decide on a smaller pool. So keep your available space in mind when considering different designs.

  1. Tell the pool designer about you and your family.

Pool designers typically like to get ideas from the client. The more the designer knows about you and your family, the better the design will be.

  1. Residential pools are for more than just swimming.

Pools are great for family fun, but they are more than just for water fun. The area may need to accommodate adult entertaining, pool parties, or even an outdoor kitchen. Ensure these factors are included in the pool design.

Amenities are for both the pool and the surrounding area. For instance, the patio furniture needs to meet all your activity needs while still complimenting the pool and landscape designs.

Landscaping features can add or detract from the overall design. This is also true with too many features added to the pool design, such as waterfalls that are too busy for the overall effect.

Simplicity is always more elegant and effective than a cluttered design.

  1. Details are important.

Drain covers, tile color, or design and materials used for the pool deck all can make a subtle difference in the look and feel of a pool area. So when working with a pool designer, ensure you pay attention to the details – even the littlest ones. Such small changes can make all the difference in the world in how satisfied you are with your new pool.

  1. Your privacy is crucial.

It used to be that pool area privacy was gained by building a tall, ugly privacy fence around the area. Pool design has changed. Today, privacy can be gained using plant and shrubs, strategically placed around the pool and surrounding area. If you choose to use plants and shrubs, you may wish to bring in a landscape designer to work with the pool designer – before the pool design is complete.

Privacy fencing is still an option today; however, you can have an outdoor designer create a look that is more luxurious than the plain ones – something that is part of the landscape and pool décor.