Amplifying the Real World: Top Augmented Reality Apps in The Market

augmented reality

The augmented reality may sound like a futuristic, wild concept, but this technology has been circling around the market for years. Augmented reality is all about overlapping computer-generated pictures on top of your perspective of reality, hence creating a complex view that amplifies the real world.

The AR apps range from virtual showrooms, and interactive map overlays to massive multiplayer battles. More ARKit applications are rolling out today on Apple’s iOS, while the Google’s ARCore is the future of Android devices.

The available variations of augmented reality applications are discrete. Here are the top picks for the finest AR apps on the market, whether you’re looking for Android or iOS apps.

Giphy World

Giphy’s now integrated with iMessage with its keyboard application, and partnerships with Twitter and Facebook have helped expand its collection of GIFs over the internet.

Further, the Giphy World app brings that one-step further to take GIFs around you and allows you record a video. Also, you can share the scenes with friends who likewise have the application, in which you can then merge with your GIFs in a vast space.

The Machines : 

The Machines is an aggressive multiplayer strategy game which takes advantage of ARKit to transform your table into a virtual arena. Players can choose the command force of machines to destroy their enemies. With the iPhone that serves as a viewfinder which you have to move around to position your troops and aim superweapons physically.

Plus, players can learn and train in the practice mode, and when they are ready, they can enter the battle in a local multiplayer or online multiplayer with friends huddled around the same table.

IKEA Place

IKEA Place is one of the latest augmented reality application released in the market. It lets you measure a room or any space using your phone’s camera and place digital things inside of it. This app allows you to do decorating simulations to see if the pieces of furniture you’re going to buy will look good in a particular space.

Admittedly, it’s a niche application, but it’s an entertaining use of Google’s ARCore technology. In some cases, this application has minor issues, but nothing exceedingly serious. It merely needs some bug fixes and optimizations. On a good note, this app is free without those annoying advertisements in-app purchases

Star Walk 2

A must-have application for those who are into astronomy. You simply have to steer the Star Walk 2 at the sky above during nighttime and watch the AR app instantly draw a comprehensive guide to nearby planets, constellations, stars, and other heavenly bodies.

Moreover, you can search and fast-forward the features to make it simpler to learn everything you need to know about meteor showers, celestial, bodies asteroids, and also monitor the movement of the planets and stars over time.

To navigate, simply tap the display or pinch on objects as you run the program for a closer view, get more data about particular or find an object on the map of the sky.

Ingress : 

Ingress is an augmented reality game meant to be played by thousands of players. This app allows players to choose which side are they on, either in the team of The Enlightened, who wants to adopt the new model of energy or ‘The Resistance,’ who wants to preserve what’s left in humanity.

Plus, players can tap and discover sources of the concealed energy seen as neon drops covered of pictures of the real world, also as interacting with other gamers and take territories such as traditional landmarks.

Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is an AR app that you can use if you want to put a tattoo and wants to see first if it looks good. This application allows you try out sample tattoos, also your designs, and position them in whatever orientation you want.

The tattoos arranged on the body using the phone’s camera look as much similar to real life as what you are going to get. Ink Hunter only supported black-and-white tattoos previously, but its newest update added structure for colored tattoos which means that you can have a better representation of what the tattoo will look like before making it permanent.


Augmented reality has earned a lot of recognition in the past few years, and developers are working to improve this highly useful technology.

And while most AR applications are available on the App Store and Play Store now, most of them still need considerable updates and bug fixes. Not to mention, you can visit tech sites like Deal Wiki and other sites online for more updates and info regarding tech-related topics.