Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The Krono Vinyl brand is not only well-tested in many ways but also receives positive feedback from consumers around the world.

100% water resistance: Nano-quality surface coating technology

Our Krono Vinyl lock mats are of the best quality, reasonable price and extremely user friendly. Industrial design inspired by natural wood for the birth of environmental friendly products combined with modern production technology.

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Suitable for home interiors and commercial buildings

The 25-year quality guarantee for all major interior and exterior finishes makes the krono vinyl flooring extremely resistant to impact, high tensile strength and durability. low. With NANO’s revolutionary surface technology and anti-slip UV coating, it improves indoor air quality giving you an ideal living space than conventional materials.

Suitable for kitchen areas, bathrooms and lounges

The waterproof surface, combined with antimicrobial coatings, incorporates additional noise reduction, increased scratch resistance and high abrasion resistance, which will be the optimum choice for the functional space required. Regular birthdays as well as private, quiet wood flooring.

Easy to install as you like

5G® locking – quick, easy installation with corner gauge and cutter. You are free to create the plastic planks without having to pay too much attention to plastics shrinkage because joining the size of plank boards has never been easier with 5G Välinge Smart Lock – Sweden

Completely easy to repair or upgrade

With the most advanced 5G smart lock in the world, Krono Vinyl flooring material is not picky on the floor surface, it does not require fixed glue, which makes the flooring or replacement of floor tiles. Plastic Knono Vinyl (Sweden) extremely easy that anyone can complete manually.

Modern technology in accordance with international standards

The continuous improvement of the plastic floor products to bring the best products to the consumers – Krono Vinyl (Sweden) provides you with a high-tech product: The best scratch resistant, water resistant and 100% waterproof optimal than most current flooring types.

Strong in every position

The core of Krono Vinyl’s ultimate strength is its solid combination of fine stone powder and resin and high-density polyethylene on the German technology chain, with a proven 5G lock and click lock system. quality assurance.

No shrinkage of material

Constant in size: do not change the size due to the effect of moisture and flooded as wood flooring, direct surface temperatures above 40 ° C can change the size of the material.

Quality persuades the user

100% water resistance with SPC (Stone Polyvinyl Chloride).

The surface is soft and warm.

Antimicrobial surface, excellent deodorant.

Quiet space thanks to built-in soundproofing system to reduce noise footsteps.

Scratch resistance.

Easy to clean stains and surface cleaning.

We are proud to introduce Krono Vinyl – the best quality product to consumers. Experience the modern life with our Sweden Krono Vinyl flooring product, so that every interior space is the warmest, most comfortable place for everyone.

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