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OneXtel Media Pvt. Ltd. is a truthful bulk SMS service provider. SMS marketing is a most effective approach in the competitive market. Communication is takes your business to the next level. Companies and entrepreneurs used SMS service for passing information instantly to the masses and they used mobile phones as a prop to exchange information smoothly. You can easily connect with anyone at anywhere across the globe through mobile phones.

Bulk SMS service provider provides advertising gizmo to establish your brand. Sims service is used for sending reminders, alerts message, proclamation, customer service, fund raising and lot more. This is an effective source of advertising the products or services. Traditional marketing like TV, radio, newspapers and banners different form of advertising and they are costly than SMS service. We will help you send messages quickly in personalized way. Sims marketing is a best platform to announce your products or services in the marketplace.

Political parties used SMS for election campaigns. It helps to organize your rallies and gathering crowd. It helps to remind the valuable participation for the voting at election time. They used SMS for circulate the information to the party members and public. It saves your precious time and reaches instantly faster than door to door.

Banking sector is extensively established all over the world. All the private and government banks using benefit of SMS service to provide the information to the customers. They used SMS for balance enquiry, account updates, mutual funds, OTP, internet rates, reminder EMI date, transaction details, payment reminders, sending festivals greetings and etc.

Bulk SMS service provider provides bulk SMS software to send messages in bulk. Through bulk SMS software you can send thousands messages to the multiple users within one go. We provide login ID password to our clients for access the account. Software helps you to maintain relationship with old and new customers. All the messages delivered on the spot and generate delivery immediately. The SMS word limit is 160 characters.

Bulk SMS provides promotional SMS and transactional SMS. Promotional SMS is used for promote the products or services. It’s helpful for sending offers and discount for new launched products. Promotional SMS is delivered on only non-DND numbers between timing 9 am to 9 pm. Transactional SMS is used for passing relevant information to the presented users. Transactional messages send on both numbers DND and NON-DND as well. They used by banks, ecommerce industry, telecom industry, schools, colleges and etc.

OneXtel Media Pvt. Ltd. offers reliable service to everyone at an affordable rate. We provide different payment options like cherub, debit or credit card, internet banking, online transfer and cash. Our technical experts support you 24 x 7 to resolve your complex issues and help to promote your products. Owing our services you get fruitful results in your business and achieve your target goals. We provide reliable or quality service to everyone and it helps to improve your business. Through SMS marketing you get fruitful result and good income.

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