Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

What are Migration Agents?

Basically, the Migration Agents are the lawyers who are under the Australian Government authority. These people provide help regarding migration to Australia by using their knowledge of Australian visas and immigration law to people who want to shift in Australia and want PR of the country. These clients need to complete the visa applications to enter the country and then these applications are presented to the Department of Immigration. So in that case, they need the services of the migration lawyers or agents. As per the laws, only those individuals who are Registered Migration Agent can deliver the immigration services to the required people.

Why There is A Need For Migration Agent?

May be you do not the services of a registered migration agent but if your case is complex, then you definitely need them to lodge your visa application.

Requirements of Migration Agents:

​To be eligible for the registered migration agents, you need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • You must have a sound knowledge of migration law and the procedures in concern to it.
  • You need to act professionally with your clients and in a timely manner.
  • You must follow all the rules as per the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents.
  • You required to obtain an appropriate insurance.
  • Its prominent if you are a fit and proper person to give immigration assistance.
  • Be a person of integrity i.e. you should not be linked to any of the criminal history checks.

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​​What Type of Services, A Registered Migration Agent Provides?

In case, you need to connect to a registered migration agent, then they will offer following number of services:

  • To get proper advice regarding which type of visa may best suit you the best from the Australia’s 140+ visa options, you will surely need a registered migration agent.
  • If you are connected to the services of a registered migration agent, then he/she will provide you an honest opinion regarding your success rate.
  • A registered migration agent always gives you written quote of their fees including all the details of the application components like the medicals and translation expenses.
  • To get full ensurance regarding the documents you will need for your application, you required to meet the standards of Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s requirements.
  • To get better ensurance that your application form is completed correctly or it will need changes as the Department is legally unable to consider invalid applications, you need the services of a registered migration agent.
  • A registered migration agent help you to prepare a legislatively based submission to support your application.
  • In order to lodge your application and its progress including for liaise with the Australian Government on your behalf, you will required a registered migration agent.
  • In case, your application is rejected, then a registered migration agent apply for Ministerial intervention and submit an appeal or represent you at tribunal hearing.
  • These agents also provide the follow up and subsidiary services too.

Things You Need To Know If You Retain A Migration Agent:

If you want to hire a migration agent, then get awrae that an agent needs to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority i.e. MARA.

You won’t need the advice of a migration agent outside Australia and then these are not bound by the MARA’s stringent requirements.

Not a single migration agent can guarantee 100% succession on your application.

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