How to choose Skip Hop Diaper Bag?

Skip Hop are a New York based company specializing in durable and trendy baby essentials and of course the makers of the Skip Hop Diaper Bag.  Founded in 2003, they now sell to discerning parents worldwide.  They created the Skip Hop Diaper Bag Duo, the world’s first custom stroller bag.  This innovative Skip Hop Diaper Bag design fits neatly over the stroller’s handles, and remains their most enduringly popular design.  The patented shuttle clip enables easy conversion from buggy bag to shoulder bag.  Our first diaper bag was one that came free with a Baby club membership, but my husband in particular soon became irritated with it; when hooked over the stroller’s handles it banged repeatedly against his legs.  The Skip Hop Diaper Bag Duo on the other hand ‘hugs’ the stroller neatly, simultaneously allowing easy access to its compartments.  You’ll quite often need to sling a Skip Hop Diaper Bag over your shoulder too, perhaps as you walk your toddler out to the car.  The Skip Hop Diaper Bag Duo gives you the best of both worlds.  When you want to use it as a shoulder bag, simply stash the shoulder strap in one of the many handy compartments.


Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you can go for a retro seventies feel, a zingy orange, or (if you’re House Husband out with your little boy) something in black, tan or even camouflage!  The Skip Hop Diaper Bag Duo Double Deluxe version is designed for double buggies – perfect if you’ve got twins or two children close in age, and you need to carry twice as many clothes, bottles and nappies!  New and experienced Mums know how vital it is never to leave the house without a well-stocked Skip Hop Diaper Bag.  The idea of being unable to furnish your little one with a bottle of milk when he demands it fills most of us with dread!  Skip Hop Diaper Bags are your one stop shop for fashionable and tough baby bags in which to store everything you might need.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Facts

The Bento ultimate diaper bag does exactly what it says on the tin.  The insulated meal kit with clix containers slots into its own custom compartment, so you can prepare lunch and stash it safely and conveniently until it’s time to eat.  Perfect on a hot day.  No more struggling to close straining zippers on a jumble of equipmentou’ll.  You’ll be using your Bento beyond the baby and toddler years and well into their childhood.  The ViaDiaper Backpack for twins is a great option for parents who like to keep their arms and hands free, or no longer use a stroller.  The handy side pockets are designed to hold a bottle or drinking cup for easy access.  The Studio Diaper tote is the slick stylish option, not dissimilar to an outsize handbag, it’s the Birkin of the baby world!  It’s designed to actually replace your handbag, so you don’t ruin your look with multiple bags sling across your body.  As well as baby’s things, you can carry your phone, wallet, make-up and keys.  Cut a dash with it at weddings, christenings or parties.  And it’s available in a range of more muted, fashion forward colors and designs.  A baby bag with grown-ups in mind!  The City Chic is perfect for urban parenting.  At first glance, you may not even realize it’s a diaper bag!  It’s unique, removable clutch is so handy for Mums who quickly need to grab their essentials, and the leather interior adds a touch of luxury.  Boasting two insulated front pockets and no less than 9 other pockets, the Versa is the ‘on the go’ bag.  The center zip increases its capacity by 20%!  Finally, the Messenger is a streamlined bit of kit that fits snugly into busy parent’s lives.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Value

A Skip Hop Diaper Bag has proven popular, and they’ve hence branched into a whole range of top quality baby merchandise.  Head to Skip Hop for perfect and thoughtful baby gifts.  Feeding equipment, toys, lunch packs and children’s backpacks, bath time accessories and bedding.  I wish I’d had a Skip Hop Diaper Bag in those early days!