CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ Certification is a vendor neutral certification for network professionals. The certification proves the network professionals’ understanding of the core knowledge and the ability to select, connect, configure and solve the basic network hardware, protocols and services.

CompTIA is the world’s largest manufacturer neutral certification test developer. CompTIA can provide certifications in up to 11 fields. The specific certification tests are as follows: PC hardware, network, server, Internet, e-commerce, project management, trainer, Linux, security, home technology and file imaging.

For more than ten years, CompTIA(spoto Website ) has been committed to certification examination and continuously improved the development of examination items and the methods of examination and exam questions distribution. CompTIA’s strong strength in certification examination comes from the strong support of enterprises in the industry. Thousands of companies rely on CompTIA standards to provide a reliable employee performance evaluation. In addition, dozens of companies with their own certification programs also rely on CompTIA certification to ensure that employees have solid skills. This can save a lot of time and expenses for the company.

CompTIA has launched the following certification examinations for China: CompTIA+ Certification, CompTIA Network+ Certification, CompTIA server+ Certification, CompTIA Security+ Certification, CompTIA CTT+ Certification, CompTIA Linux+ Certification.

CompTIA Network+ Certification
CompTIA Network+ Certification is a certification that tests the knowledge and skills of network professionals. This certification is a manufacturer neutral international certification, which aims to test the following abilities of technicians: describing the characteristics and functions of networking components, installation, configuration, and the ability to overhaul basic networking hardware, protocols and services. Although this is not a prerequisite, we recommend that candidates of CompTIA Network+ Certification should have at least 9 months of experience in network support, management or adequate classroom training while preparing for CompTIA Network+ Certification.

At present, the demand for skilled network support professionals is growing. As an important certification, CompTIA Network+ Certification can help you open the door of the industry or take your career to a higher level. In fact, many it certifications integrate CompTIA Network + into their courses. Microsoft has added CompTIA Network+ Certification to its Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) Certification. At the same time, other companies, such as Novell, Cisco, HP, Lotus and 3Com, also take CompTIA Network+ Certification as part of their many certifications.

CompTIA Network+ Exam
Subject: one subject
Questions: 85 questions
Form: routine examination; situational questions, judgmental questions and single choice questions
Time: 90 minutes
Recommended qualification: it is recommended to hold CompTIA A+ Certification and have 9 months of networking experience
Pass line (100-900 score system): the score standard of the examination is 100 to 900, and the pass line is 554.
Optional languages: English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Korean.
Current English Test Code: N10-003 CompTIA network+

Benefits in Your Career
CompTIA Network+ Certification is an important certification that can help you successfully start your network business. The employer is well aware that the technical service personnel certified by CompTIA Network+ Certification have extensive knowledge and skills, which are sufficient to successfully complete a whole set of work from installation to basic networking. If you indicate in your resume that you have obtained a CompTIA Network+ Certification, the employer will immediately know your ability to ensure the normal operation of the network.

Main benefits of obtaining CompTIA Network+ Certification
Brings you the trust from enterprises and better job opportunities
CompTIA Network+ Certification is one of the ten most popular certifications among IT professionals. 89% of the certified technicians said that the main advantage of IT certification is that it provides a qualification for the work they are engaged in now or in the future.
Be trusted and respected by colleagues
Nearly 71% of certified professionals said that the certification gave them considerable prestige among their colleagues.
Proof of important skills and attainments in the industry
Employers regard “networking capability” as one of the most popular IT skills.
Broaden knowledge and improve job satisfaction
93% of IT professionals certified by CompTIA think they are competent for tasks given by customers, and 84% say they are confident and have relevant skills to do their work well.
Booming career path and higher positions
74% of IT managers said that whether they have a CompTIA certification is an important factor when considering employee promotion.

In China, all CompTIA certification examinations in Chinese and special price policies are implemented on Prometric examination platform.

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