Like other things in the house, your toilet will face a great extent of wear and tear as the part of its life. It is almost not surprising. As it is something you utilize each day. And it is your toilet seat that takes the burden of this regular use.

Suppose that you share your home with somebody of the opposite sex or kids, you likely won’t acknowledge how often your toilet seat is moved up and brought down over the course of a year. But, if you consider it around 4 times a day that is more than 1,400 times your hinges will be given something to do through the span of a year. So, it’s not an unexpected that “Do the entire Toilet Seats come in a Regular Size?”

Different Toilets Need Different Seats

New  Toilet Bowl Singapore, obviously, available in a scope of styles. Close coupled designs, where the pan is associated nearly to the cistern, are by far the most prevalent, yet you can likewise discover back to wall toilets, wall hung toilets, alongside the period style high level toilet..

These sorts of toilet would then be able to differ incredibly by shape (square, angular, round, D-shaped) and by size, with contrasts in toilet dimension (both length and width) between anyplace in the area of 350mm – 500mm.

So it’s clear to notice why there isn’t a regular size toilet seat, which makes searching for the appropriate model for your toilet all the more troublesome. However, assistance is at hand.

Searching the Appropriate Toilet Seats Sizes

You can search an appropriate seat for your toilet by following these steps:

  1. Note down the shape of your toilet pan. Is it round, D-shaped, square or is it distinct from these?
  2. You will require to take 3 dimensions from your toilet:

Length – Measure from the holes in your toilet to the extremely front edge of your toilet

Width – Measure the diameter from edge to edge

Height – Measure the distance among the holes to the cistern or wall

This will provide you a shape as well as set of toilet measurements to work with.

Toilet Seat choices

Soft close

Numerous new toilets nowadays accompany a soft close seat as standard, which utilizes a spring instrument to guarantee that the seat, alongside the seat cover doesn’t drop with one massive clatter. It additionally limits wear and tear on both the toilet pan and the seat itself.


With regards to materials, you can for the most part split toilet seats into 2 types: Plastic or wood.

Plastic seats would emerge out to be a most famous, because of their low value, the scope of shapes they can be formed into, and a high level of durability.

Wooden seats are quite traditional as well as available in a variety of finishes as well as colors, including a genuine warmth and magic to a bathroom.


To assist provide you with the ideal fit for your toilet, search for customizable hinges. A few seats additionally accompany top fixing hinges and a helpful “lift off” mechanism, which makes both installation as well as cleaning a breeze.

With regards to toilet seats, the best advice is to guarantee you purchase your toilet from a trustworthy Bathroom Accessories Singapore retailer, who supplies an extensive variety of toilets and toilet seats. It might be definitely worth your while really buying a spare, so when the time comes to swap it, you have one to hand.