Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

The choice of being vegetarian has been a hot question in society for many years. The number of people who choose vegetarian lifestyle is rising. The best part of vegetarian food is discovering fast. There are actually so many ways to cook it using different ingredients and producing interesting tastes. If you’ve never tried vegetarian food in your life, you should do it at least once. Otherwise, you are passing buy something great and healthy. Perhaps, you think that vegetarian meals include terrible mock meat and bland salads. It’s a big mistake! Only trying it, you’ll understand why so many people have gone vegetarian – and never looked back.

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Of course, you can try vegetarian dishes at every country. Malaysia gives you a great chance to meet fresh and tasty food for vegans and vegetarians with pleasure. This country boasts the variety of exotic fruits, vegetables and aromatic cuisine. And who knows, perhaps after learning about all the benefits being vegetarian, you may just rethink turning vegetarian yourself. So, what are they, the best vegetarian food points in Malaysian capital and big cities?

The Ganga Cafe

This is a place to try your favorite Indian dishes! Many of these are made with natural herbs and spices that don’t involve animals at all, but are extremely flavorful – perhaps even more so than the flavors that meat can provide! The Ganga Cafe is one of the most natural and healthy vegan restaurants you can find in Kuala Lumpur. The meals will leave you not heavy and bloated, but satisfied and recharged.

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant

Only completely natural and organic food is served here at Simple Life. This means that you don’t need to worry about MSG, preservatives, coloring and all that nonsenses. The presentation of the food here is simply immaculate. Each dish is usually separated from the rest, instead of a messy heap that some people are particular about. The sizes of portions are not big, no small. The prices are reasonable. In short, this is the place to visit if you’re looking for healthier options to your usual meal. It is worth trying. The restaurant is located in Kuala Lumpur.

WTF Restaurant

WTF means What Tasty Food. The restaurant boasts the variety of North Indian food that has become very popular with the masses. They also provide a mix of other cuisines as well, with the common idea that everything is vegetarian and super delicious. How about pizzas, flavored with interesting Indian tastes? This is a worthy change of what you would usually have for a meal. The restaurant is traditionally located in the capital city of Malaysia.

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Dharma Realm Guan Yin Monastery Canteen

This is a unique place. Since this place is a monastery canteen, it is of course expected to serve vegetarian food. However, the food is so delicious that it attracts crowds of daily, loyal customers over the years. Obviously, the favorite dish is rice with plenty of different additions that you can choose to accompany your rice. With such yummy food options, you’d expect to pay a little more than the average market rate, but no! A plate of vegetarian mixed rice in this capital canteen typically costs RM4!

Nature’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian dim sum, vegetarian fried noodles and vegetarian fried rice… how does it taste you? Of course, the food is tasty. There is no person who’s eaten here and left dissatisfied. Even if you are a big meat eater, you will be satisfied. The use of sauces and ingredients here are ingenious, resulting in amazing renditions of your favorite meat dishes, just without the meat. The capital restaurant is mostly popular with noodles. So, you need to taste this dish in the first turn.

RGB & The Bean Hive

The marvelous restaurant is amazingly situated away from the crowds, in the enclave of a quaint little bungalow. It absolutely meets all your vegetarian needs and dietary requirements. The food is tasty, aromatic and unbelievably healthy. It makes you to enjoy your lunch. Catering not only to your dietary preferences, but also your need for sweet indulgences, feel free to order an aromatic, dairy-free cappuccino and a slice of vegan cake as dessert! The restaurant is located in Kuala Lumpur to be absolutely atmospheric place.

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This colorful restaurant you can find in Johor Bahru. The food is cooked and served by volunteers. The traditional Indian vegetarian cuisine is simply presented in a buffet spread and there is no fixed price for the food. The guests pay any amount as s/he wishes. The unique concept says: Eat to your heart’s content, pay what your heart feels. Interesting to know that original restaurant is also situated in Kuala Lumpur. It was founded in 1984 and moved to Johor Bahru in 2015. It is not a problem to hire a car in Johor Bahru and drive it to the capital city to see the unique Indian restaurant in origin.

The capital eatery deserves special attention not only because the food quality is excellent, but also because it offers a banana leaf buffet! Yes, you heard right – take all that you can eat. Come here on the weekends for lunch to enjoy this amazing option, and we guarantee you’ll be charmed by the variety of food as we all have.

Da Jia Fu Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant is specialized in dishes such as vegetarian mixed rice, economy noodles, fried noodles/rice, bak kut teh, nasi lemak and many others interesting names. Some of them are vegan and others that could possibly be made vegan upon request. Also retails frozen food products and other vegetarian (and vegan) items. The restaurant location is Johor Bahru. This is an exotic place for your dinner.

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Image Cooker

The cuisine is vegan-friendly, Italian and Western. The small vegetarian restaurant serves spaghetti, baked rice and burgers. Other dished are also available. You can check all their vegan options from menu. It is situated in Johor Bahru.

Nature Elements Vegetarian Food

The cuisine of the restaurant is vegan-friendly, lacto, Chinese. You can buy take-out food or order delivery. The Chinese restaurant serves vegetarian mixed rice, economy noodles, traditional kuehs, popiah and daily specials. The most of dishes are vegan and others that could possibly be made vegan upon request.