Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about CAD conversion services

If you have been struggling with the task of managing your technical drawings along with the other related information then it’s about time you opt for CAD conversion services. Maintain all the drawings on paper become a cumbersome task when you need to share it with on-site team members or remote workers. Even though you might think of making multiple copies and distributing those among your team members, it becomes extremely challenging when real-time changes have to be made to the original drawings. Lack of co-ordination among site engineers, draughtsman, and supervisors can lead to confusion and financial losses for your company. CAD conversion services can actually help you to tide over these issues conveniently, without burning a hole in the company’s coffer.

The advanced technique of CAD conversion helps you to convert all paper drawings into an editable digital format, store, and maintain all other related information conveniently. All the digital drawings and files can thus be safeguarded against undesirable damages or data loss.

How CAD conversion services work?

These services are actually offered in two different phases, wherein the first stage is all about scanning the paper maps and drawings followed by the digitization or drafting of the scanned documents with the help of advanced software. Let’s dig a bit deeper to understand how these two phases actually converts the hard copies of documents into a workable digital format:


High-end scanners are used by CAD conversion service providers to a actually convert all the hard copies of drawings and maps into scanned digital copies. Now the scanned documents are passed on to the drafting team for the next phase of conversion.


In order to maintain or protect the dimension accuracy of the drawings and maps, drafting of the scanned documents takes place. All the engineering drawings, including machine, instrumentation, electrical, structural, and floor plans are converted into editable digital format. Now, this is done while maintaining the dimensional and positional accuracy of all the objects. This method works perfectly for the digitization of maps, schematic diagrams, sketches, circuit diagrams, topographic maps, zonal maps, contour maps, utility maps, and even cadastral maps.

CAD conversions services get everything done with absolute precision while adhering to the global quality standards. You can rely on these services for seamless and high-precision conversion of all your engineering drawings and maps.

Who can avail CAD conversion services?

Though anyone can avail CAD conversion service, draftsmen, architects and qualified engineers can immensely benefit from it.

If all that’s not too convincing then here’s a list of some well-known benefits of CAD conversion services to drive my point home:

  • Saves time, money and effort as copying, redrawing and printing of hardcopies is highly inefficient
  • Helps you to reproduce better quality drawings from the original hardcopies
  • Converts the raster format drawings into superior quality CAD documents
  • Converts all types of documents into PDF format
  • Enhances productivity while controlling cost as well as the delivery time