Touring The Balkan Countries

In the year 2017, I made an unforgettable decision to tour the Balkan countries and I had a memorable experience. The first country I visited on my tour was Bulgaria. I had a lot of fun in Bulgaria. I visited the Kaliakra, a natural and popular reserve in Bulgaria. I also visited the Ivan Vazov national theatre which is the country’s oldest national theatre. The theatre has a stunning architectural framework that greatly amazed me, moreover, I planned my visit to the theater in advance so I was able to see a good play on stage. The food and wine of Bulgaria is also unforgettable.

My next point of call after Bulgaria was Greece. Greece is a very beautiful country with a good climate. I had a lot of fun in Greece. I visited the Elia Beach which is a beautiful sandy beach. The beach is well managed, tidy and safe. There are several rental shops offering different fanciful products on the beach. There are also a variety of water sports to partake in. I also visited Corfu Islands which is an amazing and beautiful Greek Island. I also went to see a concert at the Delphi Theatre which made me very pleased.
The next country I visited during my tour of the Balkan Countries was Croatia. Croatia is a very beautiful country. During my visit to Croatia, I toured the beautiful city of Zagreb and its beautiful streets and gaped at its beautiful buildings. I also visited Istria’s amazing shores where I toured a number of beautiful beaches. I went sailing for a few hours and had a blast, I can assure you that there is nothing like Croatia sailing it is simply amazing. Finally, I went to listen to the Sea Organ at Zadar. I must mention the fact that the food and wine served in Croatia is unbeatable.
I also visited Macedonia on my tour of the Balkan Countries. Macedonia is a great place to visit. During my visit to Macedonia, my first stop was at Skopje,the capital city. Skopje is renowned for its unique blend of ancient and modern European culture. I also visited the Canyon Matka, a vast natural attraction close to the capital. The Canyon Matka has several caves and amazing natural features. This natural edifice is the pride of the country. I also visited the Mavrovo National Park which is the biggest natural park in the country.
Finally, I visited Romania. I enjoyed the sight of Romania’s architectural styles. I really enjoyed the sight of new and ancient buildings positioned side-by-side in Romanian cities. Moreover, Romania has a lot of delicious cuisine and comfort dishes wish made me long to remain in Romania. I also enjoyed hiking in the mountains. The hiking trails can be navigated easily by both beginners and experts alike. Romania also has a lot of wildlife, the country is home the largest population of Brown Bears in Europe. I enjoyed watching Romania’s wildlife biodiversity from a safe distance during my tour of the country.