Experience the Plethora of Cuisines in Delhi

Plethora of Cuisines in Delhi

Are you up for a fantastic trip in Delhi? Don’t get surprised, Delhi is a place full of excitement, thrill, holiness, food streets and enriched legacies. You might be having an idea about the packed streets, jammed roads and other busy scenarios of Delhi, but there is another side to it as well.

Just pick a suitable Delhi one day tour package and enjoy the richness of this capital. Usually, we take Delhi as a commercial place and a place wherein there are no moments of tranquillity. But do you know what; different spots of Delhi will catch your attention in first look.

A Place for people who are Epicure

  • Of course, we all love to eat but many of us live for food. People are crazy about different dishes, eatables, food delicacies, and much more. They especially visit different corners of world to taste the plethora of food items existing on the earth. But do you know Delhi is brimming with food variety for you?
  • Though different places in the capital have their different food varieties yet talking about Chandni Chowk, it is a place loved by people who carry a rich taste. They love to visit Chandni Chowk for relishing different dishes of this area. For example, if you love paranthas, then you must check out parantha wali gali of old Delhi. This gali has even the rarest types of paranthas for you. Like paranthas filled with rabri, veg paranthas like aalu ka parantha, paneer ka parantha, radish ka parantha, Shimla mirch ka parantha and many other. No one can escape from the realm of these paranthas.
  • Then there are juicy rus-malai, filled jalabis, spicy chaat, filled tikkis, Kachoris, Kulfis, juices, fruit chaat, and variety of other dishes. Every eatable has extensive variety and you can get your plate of eatables customised too. For example, if you want less salt or less spicy chaat etc. you can get it made. along with these spicy food items, you will be catered with different types of sauces like mint, sweet, tomato, coconut, mixed and so on. So, these cuisines will make your Delhi visit complete.
  • If you are of the view that because you don’t belong to Delhi, it would be difficult to find out special food items in the area, then too, no worries. If you have taken a package, then there would be guides who will take you to the best options available in the area. Of course, every single dish is special and scrumptious but there are a few which are just so good. These guides know everything about every food item cater in Chandni Chowk. So, you just have to take a name of a dish and the desired item will be right in front of you.Plethora of Cuisines in Delhi

In a nutshell, are you ready to dive in the world of scrumptious cuisines? If yes, then just check out one day tour in Delhi and give the gourmet in you a rich treat. And don’t worry about the price, the tour packages are very reasonable and can fetch you the most awesome experiences of your life.




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