Five Types of Hats Every Woman Should Own

“A hat is the difference in being dressed and being dressed up; it is the difference between looking adequate and looking your best. A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over.” –Martha Sliter

When it comes to fashion, there is no other accessory more dramatic and more beguiling than a woman’s hat. It is the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble that would instantly add mystery and a bit of flair and in some cases, the perfect hat ties an outfit together. In fact, in the modern world, hats are so revered that Lily Doche would go as far as to say that a hat is not just a hat, but rather a hat is the expression of a woman’s soul.  To Frederick the Great, the crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in. With all these laudable sentiments as regards hats, it can be said that it is indeed a paramount accessory in any woman’s closet. With this in mind, it is imperative to have a selection of hats at your disposal from the standard baseball caps from wholesale dnine reserve to the pretty bonnets that comes with a bow attachment.

To make sure you have a closet complete with wide-ranging hats, here are some of the must-have hats your wardrobes should possess.

  • A wide brimmed hat

A wide brimmed hat keeps the sun away from your eyes and keeps your entire face looking fresh and cool. This is the perfect hat for beach excursions and sunny days. It is especially excellent to pair with lengthy and flowy sundresses. To give you entire ensemble extra flair and panache, wear a big pair of black sunglasses to add an air of mystery.

  • Fedora

Over the years, the fedora has been getting a lot of flak for being a poor and tacky hat choice when it comes to accessorizing. However, when it is done right, an outfit complemented with a fedora can look very alluring. Channel your inner boho chic and appropriately wear a fedora hat with Coachella inspired outfits and bohemian outfits. These hats especially look great when your entire ensemble is finished off with a pair of gladiators or well-chosen boots.

  • Beanie hat

Beanie hats are incredibly cute and are the perfect addition for your winter or fall outfits. The material keeps your head warm while making you look youthful at the same time. Beanies are perfect for oversized and off the shoulder blouses which are worn over leggings. This is especially a good hat choice for people who are wearing coats and earmuffs as the hat would not obstruct it.

  • Baseball caps

For women with a tomboyish streak or sporty women who wish to keep the sun out of their eyes without having to resort to overlarge caps, wearing baseball caps is the typical alternative. It is lightweight and is much easier and more comfortable to wear than your wide brimmed hat which could easily get blown away by the wind. Additionally, baseball caps stay secure on your head while giving your outfit a casual and relaxed touch.

  • Mini hats

Mini hats are the perfect finishing touches for themed outfits or even just for giving any outfit and artistic and unique touch. Mini hats may be traced back to as early in the Victorian era, but they are still making waves today. The beauty of wearing one lies not in its functionality, but rather in its overt creativity and design. Although, it is rarely used to keep the sun away from your face and is more of a decorative accessory, it would certainly give any outfit that unique and modern look.