The first Sunday will be the busiest day of the year


Sundays are usually a day which is meant to have fun throughout the day. But this first Sunday of the year becomes hotter and busy. People are in fact clueless about what’s going to turn up the day. The first Sunday has come up with a new and ravishing idea which made the entire universe to keep talking about it on and on. It’s just been a week since the year has started and for sure would be done with our resolutions stuff and all we need to do is follow what our resolution says. So wrapping it up with resolution ideas now let’s talk about the relationship status of our life. This might be an endless story because every year we start with this topic saying that we would get in search of our love and find our Mr/Ms.Right in this year and finally land up at the month of December saying that being single is the best and again the same thing comes as a loop. This year is not going to be the same cliché, we have different other ideas by the dating application which tries to bring in a change in it.

Why is that we always long to start it up at the beginning of the year? There is no apparent reason behind this, maybe people might find it a way auspicious at the beginning of the year or it might also be like it’s a fresh start for anything, a new year with new life. And it’s refreshing to start a new life at the beginning of the year. So the first Sunday of the January month seems to be too busy.

A lot of websites and dating applications turned busy with this strategy of finding the love of our life. A few dating applications had also suggested its new users that signing up to their application or sites would be favorable if they get to do it the first Sunday of the January month. Like its people show higher traffic than any other day on that particular day and it’s likely to get grabbed by many on that day and miracles can happen earlier. Rather the other days the possibilities seem to be less comparatively. Match an online dating application which predominantly says that the day is gotta be the most important and busiest day for singles who are in search of their valentine.

This makes a lot of revenues to all the most leading dating websites and application because the period which ranges from the end of December to February 14 is a time which seems have higher traffic than the other months. At this time people keep searching matches badly because the singles don’t want to spend their valentine’s day alone even this year. The dating application takes this an advantage and makes use this point by increasing their revenues. This Busiest Sunday plans are also one among that which could bring more profit to their company.

It’s like too desperate that January 8th seems to become a day for the singles to look for a better match. This day is exclusive for those who crave to find their partner as soon as possible. So people got hitched themselves into the dating application thereby to make their dreams and upcoming days colorful. Maybe this wouldn’t have been this popular without the singles who are dreading their life all alone and looking for a perfect partner to mingle with.

Those applications which had incurred bag full money utilizing the dating Sunday are as follows

The most popular and high rated dating application : 

Tinder is an application which comes into anyone mind if start a conversation regarding dating through online. This is an application which serves worldwide to hook up with a new partner regardless of sex, age, and looks. We can choose in between any people we are interested with and get connected with them easily. Creating a Tinder account is a cake-walk and for those who have already enrolled themselves into the most famous social networking media, Facebook can easy register into Tinder in fewer clicks.

Having a Facebook account quite very common among us, people might even fail to have a bank account but not a Facebook account. So with that Facebook account we can get into the application easily and after that both the application gets synchronized. After synchronizing both the accounts we can find out who all are those who use Facebook and Tinder mutually between us. If we have some kind of interests on those people from our Facebook account then well and good we can proceed to the next phase easily else if you’re not okay with we can decline the synchronization of both the application and keep it private.

This dating application stand out a way different from other application is, it has users of all kind like they are also people who are not straight has an account in it. At the beginning the number of users also increased because of this criteria but later on the number count started to fall apart due the same reason. But it’s not the fault from the application developer because the user will have to mention the kind of relationship they look for and pertaining to that the application suggests other profiles. Misusing the privileges will not make it to point out as the applications fault.

The multi-lingual dating application : 

Match is another application which is very popular after Tinder. Both the applications are similar to each other say their motives, ideas and other stuff just the customization and personalization of the application might differ. The application ahs one thing distinct from Tinder which is the linguistic comfort it brings. The application support about eight languages apart from English and the application is span around many countries around the world.

Both the application seamlessly works over a motive and yes they have accomplished the task either. A survey says that about forty-two percent of population has used this application fruitful and had become one of the best romantic couples.

Another survey has also shown a few results which says that the first Sunday has brought more revenues to both the popular dating applications and other websites. There were a lot of people who look for matches through online and this was more like to resemble that people have purchases higher at the time of festivals and of course valentine’s day seems to a festive season to those teens and other youngsters.

Bottom line : 

Time change along with the generation and of course technology change acts as a catalyst. They in fact make the change. We change everything in our life depending upon our comforts and that’s how technology is to us in our life. They make our life easy but for a point to be added if it makes it easy its well and good but if it’s not gonna make you feel that you’re going on the right way it’s better that you stop doing it. Dating application is absolutely fine but those ideas which it suggests that ruins our old traditions and culture should always not to be embraced.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Dectar, best PHP scripts development company located in India. Dectar is a part of Casperon Technologies is a leading social and mobile development company which has launched a Discreet Dating App called Datingo . I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur, and Atheist who loves to write everything about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.


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