Role of HACCP Standard

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, which focuses on ensuring that products and services are reliable and are of good quality. It provides strategic tools for an organization for reducing the cost and minimizing the errors and thereby increasing the productivity of business. ISO consulting services provide certification in various standards such as ISO 14001 certification, ISO 27001 certification and many more.

Getting ISO certification for an organization helps in branding and marketing the products that customers find interest in choosing that particular organization. Some of ISO 9001 consulting services provides ISO 9001 certification that focuses on Quality Management System of an organization.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical control Points is an internationally recognized standard for food safety system. HACCP principles were made to protect the consumers from contamination of food.

All the food manufacturing organization must ensure that it is safe to consume the food produced them and must ensure that they follow all the food manufacturing practices and put in the best practices into it.

All the important safety measures have to be taken inorder to manufacture safe food for the consumers. By identifying the hazards and eliminating it to an acceptable level, gives confidence for the consumers about the product. These hazards may come under either physical, chemical or biological.

Steps involved in carrying out food safety hazards:

Plan out the things that have to be done for ensuring the food safety.

Take action according to the plan.

Keep track of the record about when HACCP certification activity has to be carried out.

Take immediate action when the food safety is at risk.

Principles involved in HACCP certification:

By conducting the hazard analysis identify the food safety hazards that are involved in all stages of production and those hazards that have to be eliminated to an acceptable level.

Identify those control points where control has to be taken to reduce the hazards and determine the operational steps for reducing it to an acceptable level.

Establish critical limits at various CCPs and ensure that target levels are met to keep the CCPs under control.

Follow the procedures for monitoring those CCPs by performing testing and observation.

When the particular CCP is out of control take action and carry out the implementation to get that CCP under control.

Verify whether the procedures are being followed correctively and the HACCP system is working effectively.

Keep track of documents and records to demonstrate the application of these principles.

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