Five Real Reasons Why Women Wear High Heels

Women Wear High Heels

Women Wear High Heels“Never been interested in a princess who lost her slipper when she ran off, but a woman who can dig her heels when she stands her ground.” –Being Caballero

In modern fashion, nothing epitomizes female sophistication and sexuality better than an excellent pair of heels. They are sleek, sexy, powerful and sophisticated. With these characteristics in a shoe, it would be no wonder that it would be such a pivotal piece in women’s closets. From killer wholesale Steve Madden pumps to a pair of fun Manolo Blahniks, there is a pair of heels for every woman out there. However, it is also a universal consensus that wearing heels would cause the wearer a degree of discomfort or pain which begs the question: Is looking sharp and sexy really worth the hassle? Why do women have such an affinity with their heels anyway?

Apart from the obvious height, it grants its wearer, there are more reasons. Let us revisit them here:

1.) Walking looks more attractive in heels

Undoubtedly, heels have a way of correcting a woman’s posture and forcing her into a gait which she is not used to in flats. With this, a more graceful and attractive strut ensues. The change in gait results to a strut which makes her walk more attractive.

2.) Heels make a woman look more feminine

Apparently, heels are associated with women as they are ladylike and feminine which is why people who are wearing them are immediately perceived as someone dainty and girly. After all, you would be hard-pressed to try running on a pair of heels. With the subtle movement of your hips and the change of gait, a woman is effectively channeling her feminine side.

3.) A pair of heels ties a corporate wear together

More often than not, the only thing missing from a woman’s corporate power suit is the appropriate pair of heels. The perfect pair can tie a work ensemble together like no other pair of flats and sandals could. To a woman, a pair of heels is what a tailored blazer and tie is to a man.

4.) A pair of heels attracts more male attention

Wearing heels makes you calves look toned and would do wonders to your gait. Although women can sporting this pair can easily be perceived as intimidating, that does not seem to stop the mean from paying them notice. In fact, it has been shown that women who are wearing heels are more likely to be more approached in a bar than those wearing flats. It might be the pair of heel’s fierce factor or the “come hither” look about it.

5.) A pair of heels add instant height

And last, but definitely not the least is the most apparent reason why some women would prefer to smile through the discomfort and pain of wearing high heels is simply because it gives them height. This addition to their height gives them a boost of confidence and makes them feel truly powerful and attractive.

A pair of heels is indeed one of the premier shoe choices a woman can wear—not only for how it makes her look but also for how it makes her feel. After perusing the reasons given above, the reason why women would torture their feet just to look attractive should be obvious by now.