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Chrome Book

Now a day everyone is using an android phone and everything is available on the internet. Since from the beginning and we are focused on the internet for better experiences. Google is used to read up on our current news, surfacing our blog directory, or choose to follow a number of Google plus pages for latest updates on various products and initiatives. Google’s aim is to organize the world’s facts and make it universally available and useful.Likewise, Microsoft’s is the major breakthrough happened in 1981 when they furnished an operating system for IBM’s first major access into personal computers. Microsoft world is used everywhere and the company’s office applications like Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint and it have been similarly like successful. In trendy years, Microsoft has more turned its concentration to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Its Web browser and the internet explorer  have become a superior one. Therefore, Microsoft seems similar to remain one of the most formidable and powerful providers of information technology device.

Android apps on chromebook
Chrome Book

Now the google chrome is announcing as very soon that everybody will be able to use android applications on the chromebook pages. It is a move that it has been long waited and will make the chromebook and at the same time more attractive to the android using people.

They also said the news about the Chromebook marketing has in the US market place for the last year. This means that number of people are using are now using the chromebook on the daily basis than they were a few years back, and all of these users will have no doubt to be excited at the possibility of running the Android applications on their own devices.

On the other hands, google has an extra boon that the Android applications are able to be natively run on Chromebooks will be enough further to boost the sales. For many people, chrome does not fulfill their needs until now. So they decided to fulfill the people’s need through google play apps to reach the chrome OS.

Requisite Technology

The latest devices which support the chrome in android are ASUS Chromebook Flip, Chromebook Pixel and the Acer Chromebook R11. We need one of the three above devices to run on the Google Play Store before the general public.

The important point to note is these also need to be running on Chrome OS or any higher version, which is currently available for the developer to update the channel.

But the main thing is this is not released and we have to wait until the public release and not all the chromebook will able to run the android application. Some application will support and others may not.       

App Compatibility 

We already said that not all the applications have the capacity to run on the chrome OS. Even in the case of the app, that does run and we can those apps into the various issues. This is a new region for most application developers. So expect the situation to improve over by the next months.               

Collaboration with google and Microsoft

We have probably noticed that, currently, the Office suite for Android device does not work on their Chromebooks. The reason why it is? The Microsoft is currently optimizing Office to provide the users with the best possible experience. Therefore, our strategy has not changed and the office for the Android device is supported on the Chrome software devices through the Google Play Store or app store.

The office suite that has already rolled out some applications on chromebook. Users who have the own devices with displays is larger than 10.5 inches will need an Office suite 368 subscription or otherwise they we cannot modify, create, edit and print the documents.

Apps with no web version

There is a lot of social media application are available on mobile devices. People need some application on chromebook and these are mentioned below.


Skype is one of the social media. In that, we have a rich video call and text messages. The simple thing is to use Skype is to register on it. Skype allows those registered peoples to communicate through both normal messaging and voice chat. Voice chat allows telephone calls between a couple of users and conference calling.

Now the Skype is available for the Microsoft and so we will bring the new technology to our friends, family, and colleagues everywhere and anywhere. So, therefore, the future users have the possibilities to have more facilities.


Instagram is a fun and simple way to share your photos with friends through this. Snap a photo with your smart phone and we can choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever. From this, we can get the notifications for your friend’s accounts locally on our Chromebook just as we do with our mobile or android tab.


Snapchat is the social media and popular application. In this app, we can share our funny and comical pictures and this will disappear within 24 hours and but we can take a screenshot of snaps to save them in picture form. Now, this application collaborates with the Microsoft so we can share something back or just go out and meet them somewhere.


In Periscope application, we can broadcast and explore the world through the live video. This application is available for both android and iOS smart phones. This application takes the advantages of the mobile phones and incorporating notifications and location as well as social sharing, live discussions and get feedback from us. This application is useful for all and defining, makes the app on to the list of Android apps and also in the Chrome operating system.

Get information through offline

Ultimately, the important and useful thing for the people is offline programs and even we think it is better to see in the offline. But in case we stuck within tight at the spot for a while without an internet connection.

While the chrome works on offline and most of the people do not know about it. By installing the best application to get the information and this helps to read the things and we have plenty option to get into the situation.

Switching to chrome is good or bad

Probably in what direction the Microsoft will take with Office on Chromebooks is yet to be seen. They have no official announcements for the collaboration and as of now it absolutely appears on the Chrome OS users will have to find an alternative to access the Office products.

A good news from these is most of these apps are now available in an online format at some website. If we are still interested in having an offline program, installed application, then the Microsoft offers a large number of options for the student, personal and cooperates for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Now we are seeing that the android applications are unavailable on the chromebook and some of them believe that Microsoft is attempting to cut Google’s legs out from under them. Therefore, they are calculating the influence of their Office software for Chromebooks that will avoid the loss of revenue in software side.

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