Hiring over educated employee may unstabilize the management

A study done at the University of the UK shows that the over-educated employee may create a problem in the management.

The over-educated person working in the less creative job feels his education is not suitable for the job he is doing. He looks bored when working in the organization. You will find him less motivated in the organization. The person will find a hard time to adapt the new change in the management. His action will create a negative environment flexible behavior in the team. You will find him commenting on the management structure. This nature of over-educated employee creates a bad impression of management in the team.

Many organizations think the over-educated people will bring new information to the organization. In some cases that work in favor of organization but in most of the time the person who hired with high education may not work in the less qualified jobs. He will find himself surrounded by the people who are not in the level of his knowledge.

Hiring the right person is important for any organisation. Your hiring process must have the standard procedure for the employee selection. Your managers or hiring personnel must align with the goal of the company. He or she should understand the exact need of the company while deciding to whom he should hire and reject. Unless, the person with less qualify will make a loss for the company and over-educated person will lead to confusion in the organization.

The better way is hiring a person by looking his past experience. Instead of selecting the employee based on the graduation degree, find the people who have worked on the similar project before. The experience person knows how to accomplish the similar task in the shortest time period. He understands the tools and resources he needs to complete his project. It saves lots of time on brainstorming and reduces the cost dramatically.

Effective hiring is necessary for growing your organization quickly in the highly competitive market. Qualify person can bring the new skill and strategies in the organization. He will be motivated and knows what he wants to achieve in his life. He will work round the clock to make the things happen the way he wants.

However, not all over-educated employees are the same. Some who understand the business nature correctly manages their work efficiently. They know what it takes to develop the business from scratch and sustain its profitability.

An Employee with the right amount of knowledge will boost your sales dramatically. They take the initiative and work like the owner of the company. Your job is to take feedback from them and work with them to find the best solution for your organization. He will turn your management machine to fast-moving profitable business. They adopt the new change immediately. Their flexibility allows them to manage their work and personal life effectively.

In conclusion, the employee of the company decides the speed of the organizational growth. The highly effective team of the employee will speed the process and the slow and boring people will kill the productivity of the organization. Your Human resource team must have an eye on each individual. Tracking their performance, checking their behavior in the organization and making sure the vision of the organization is fulfilled at any cost.

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