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How does salad help you lose weight?

Nidhi Rai

October 25, 2019 11:50 AM

Salads enjoy an undisputable reputation as a ‘healthy’ food item. You can enjoy an amazing variety in salads and thus will never feel bored with it even if you are a hardcore salad lover who takes salads every day. Almost anything right from fruits and veggies to nuts and seeds; from boiled eggs to boiled lentils/legumes, from cottage cheese to yoghurt, from grilled chicken to grilled fishes and the like can go into the making of a salad! Salad has a palate pleasing crunchy texture and a fresh aroma to please your senses. Salads no doubt, are out-and-out healthy as salads are eaten raw, are free from unhealthy fats and are unprocessed. Thus, salads have a very rich nutritional profile that can definitely boost your health & can let you stay in shape too. Moreover, consuming salads could let you meet your daily requirement of fruits & veggies while at the same time making you grow slim & trim in just no time.


How does salad help you lose weight?

Here’s how salads can help in weight loss…Read on:

1.               Cuts Calories

Salads are mostly low in calories and carbs. Thus, replacing a full meal with a salad or consuming salads prior to mealtimes can cause you to consume fewer calories each day. By cutting down on daily calorie intake through the generous consumption of salads you can therefore achieve the much needed ‘caloric deficit’ for successful weight loss.

2.               Suppresses appetite

Salads mostly have high fiber content as salads consist in leafy greens, raw veggies and fruits in general. Fibers do not get digested easily. That causes fibers to stay in your stomach for long thereby suppressing your appetite, making you feel less hungry and controlling you from overeating.

3.               Cures constipation & boosts digestion

Fiber in salads is a great cure for constipation. It facilitates easy bowel movement. If you are not constipated, toxins and impurities can be removed from your body in a better way. That of course, improves your power of digestion. When digestion improves, that leads to better assimilation of food and better absorption of essential nutrients from food into the body. Also, improved digestion speeds up metabolism and thus, causes you to burn more fat than usual.

4.               Offers nutrition

Dieters who are dieting in order to lose weight often have to drop out major food groups from their meal plan. That may put dieters at the risk of malnutrition. However, if you consume salads regularly, you’ll not have to worry about malnutrition as salads usually have a very rich nutritional profile that can help you manage all sorts of nutritional deficiencies.

In other words, grabbing a bowl or plate of salad instead of a heavy meal or a high calorie snack or oily junk could definitely let you slim down the healthy way.

Common ingredients of diet-friendly salad

An ideal weight loss or diet-friendly salad should generally include any one or all of the following ingredients:


Leafy greens are a great option for salads. Salad Greens can come in two different broad categories: Soft spring greens and Crisp greens. Spring Greens are comparatively softer and more flavorful when compared to the Crisp greens. Crisp greens on the other hand are mild in flavor, crunchy in texture and voluminous in look. Examples of fresh Spring Greens are: Spinach, Mustard Greens, Beet Greens, Watercress, Chard, Mache, Arugula. Examples of Crispy Greens are: Lettuce, Iceberg, Endive, Escarole, Romaine, Bibb, Radiccchio, Cabbage leaf

Colorful Veggies/Fruits

Colorful veggies or fruits not only add color to your salads but are also quite rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Such robust nutritional support is great for weight watchers who are on strict, calorie restrictive diet. Roasted colorful veggies like carrot, beetroots, peas, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, fresh corn kernels, chopped mushrooms, radishes, bell peppers etc may thus be included in your diet-friendly salads most generously. If it’s a bowl of fruit salad that you have opted for, you can use in it several colorful fruits such as oranges, black grapes, chikoos, water melons, grapefruits, kiwifruit, apples, pineapples, pomegranates etc.

Healthy Fats

There is always a room for healthy fats in diet-friendly, healthy salads. So, you can just toss in some avocado slices and diced olives and round it off with a handful of nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pine nuts etc) and Seeds (Pumpkin seeds, Sun flower seeds, Chia seeds etc). However, make sure to include the above items in moderation as ‘healthy fats’ too have calories in them and thus too much of it can make you fat.


Proteins are filling and proteins can be a great hunger satiating addition to your salads.  So, you can add sliced hard boiled eggs to salads or leftover grilled chicken or lean steak, ground lean Turkey and the like.


Best flavoring agents for salads

Fresh herbs may be used in salads to add a dash of mouthwatering flavor to your salads. You can add fresh chopped herbs like Thyme, Parsley, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill and Chervil. You can even add dried herbs in case you don’t get fresh herbs.

Salad Dressings: Things you should know

Salad dressings can add a lot of fun, taste and excitement to your salads but in most cases the store bought dressings are high in calories and unhealthy fats. So, if you cannot eat salads without dressings, you can add your own healthy, diet-friendly dressings to your salads. You can make your own salad dressings at home. Homemade mustard sauce, honey, lemon juice, Greek Yoghurt, Olive Oil may be used as healthy salad dressings for healthy, non-fattening salads.

Amazing weight loss salad recipes

Yoghurt-Fruit Salad

Mixed fruits of various colors mingled with low fat Greek Yoghurt can give you a hearty bowl of fresh, crunchy salads.

Chickpea Salad

Boiled Chickpeas mingled with chopped cucumber, onion and tomato and flavored with coriander chutney, rock salt, black pepper and lemon juice can give you a platter of delicious high protein Chickpea salad.

Roasted leafy salad

Roasted rocket leaves mingled with chopped cherry tomatoes, sliced button mushrooms, diced olives, balsamic vinegar, honey, rock salt and black pepper can bring forth a tasteful salad meal replacement.

Salads are healthy, packed with fibers and nutrients, are low in calories and thus are good for healthy weight management. Learn more about salads for weight loss...