How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

With the growing number of people who use computers and mobile devices, the number of reported eye strain cases has also increased.

Before, issues are primarily centered on a specific age range – particularly those on their late 30s and up. Now, younger people who report eye strain problem have dramatically increased too. This is quite alarming considering how the youngsters need good vision for their studies.

To address this problem well, understanding its cause is crucial. Most of the eye problem issues among the younger generation is attributed to the long hours they spend staring at the monitor of their computers. Too much exposure to screen light without much rest is a surefire formula to tiring your eyes.

Eventually, this habit could result to the reduction of clarity in your vision. To avoid digital strain, simple steps must be done. Here are things that you can do.

Take regular in-between breaks.

Don’t wait to feel that numbing pain in your eyes or get hassled with watery vision. Take some break and let your eyes look at other things. The 20-20-20 rule is created with this in mind. It states that every 20 minutes of staring at a computer, you must look at an object 20 feet away for about 20 minutes.

Doing this will allow your eyes to relax and help you gain more focus.

Blink more often.

Your eyelids are actually muscles and just like any other muscle, it also needs its own dosage of work. Blinking does not only drive away the dusts that are threatening to get into your eyes but also allows fluid to somehow wet your eyes to avoid dryness.

Close your eyes for a few minutes.

If you really feel like your dozing off, then chances are, you’ll really need a nap. Eyes that close on their own is a sign that your vision is tired and you’ll need some time to rest. Close your eyes for a few minutes and let the flat of your palm massage it. This should help reduce the tension.

Make sure the light in your monitor is bright.

Bright background reduces the strain in your eyes from having to move closer just to see what word or information is presented in front. Making your monitor screen brighter helps take off the burden from your vision.

Wear glasses when spending long hours in front of a computer.

Optometrists are capable of checking the current condition of your eyesight and giving your appropriate solution for any eye problems. Talk to one and ask for a pair of reading glasses that you would use when working. These type of glasses are different since they don’t necessarily correct your vision and focus on protecting it instead.

Take vitamins and supplements.

This is optional and experts would always suggest that you first see your eye doctor to determine if taking some supplements is fine. Some of those supplements might complicate your health condition especially if you have any existing illness. There are several over-the-counter medications to help add resiliency to your eyesight. Just make sure you talk to an optometrist first.

The results of your eye tests could greatly impact the next step you’ll need to do. For those who don’t have any existing issues with their vision, fighting digital strain using the methods we have on this list would greatly help.

Those with current eye problems on the other hand have to see eye experts for a safer approach. For advanced issues such as problems with your cornea, orthokeratology Philippines services might be able to help.

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