Power tools market and global industry analysis

industrial designing and development is going through rapid evolution. Tools were used even in stone age, when human being built tools from wood and stone. All over the world industries are re designing and new and improved technology is being used to re-built industrial tools for varied applications.


More and more students around the globe are studying engineering courses and new technology has developed, bringing progressive development in engineering industrial tools.

Either it is civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering student’s engineers and workman must have proper knowledge of all industrial tools used in the application the industry is running.

Some of the key industries are Agriculture, animal husbandry, Automobile, Aviation, Boiler, Burner, casting & Forging, Cement, chemical, coal, computer, construction, consumer goods, cotton, Dairy, Electric, Electronic, fabrication, FMCG, Food Processing, Furniture & plywood, Heavy Engineering, Hotel, Leather, material handling, mining, paint, paper, petroleum, pipe, plastic, power plant, Printing, railway, Refrigeration, rubber, scientific, solar energy, sports, steel, sugar, Telecommunication, Textile & Handloom and Transformer.

All machines require regular care and maintenance so that their working life and efficiency can increased, and cost of operation, which includes unnecessary breakdowns and spares, can be reduced.  For different types of machinery, industry different tools are required, whereas some tools are common for all industries. Industrial tools come in different sizes, shapes, types and material, an industrial engineer must know in hand as to which industrial tool to buy.

Industrial engineering management plays a vital role in selecting which industrial tools to buy. Before the procurement of any tools one industrial engineer has to decide engineer methods, processes and operations related to work of machines. Engineers has to train workman and supervisors as how to use the tools.

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