Hydraulic Motors- Gear, Vane, and Piston Motors with Key Features

Hydraulic motors are becoming valuable part of life to convert the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. These are used for many applications including self-driven cranes, agitator drives, crane drives, and more. Hydraulic Motor Suppliers in Delhi provides different types of motors with various designs, features, and functionality.

Let’s take a look over main types of hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic Gear Motors

It is an amazing invention used is simple rotating systems. These are the high speed motors used in agricultural machinery and mobile hydraulics to drive conveyer belts, screw conveyors, and dispersion plates. The leading Hydraulic Motor Suppliers in Delhi provides the quality and durable equipment along with giving the essential information such as how they work for the application, and more. There are mainly two types of gear motors namely epicyclic and hydraulic gear motors. Epicyclic motors are a slow speed motor and are also known as gear ring, gerotor or orbit motors while hydraulic gear motors are high speed motors having similar design to the external gear pump. Their major benefits include high rpm, durability, low initial cost, and higher tolerance to contamination.

Key features of hydraulic gear motor

  • Wide range of temperature
  • Low weight and size
  • Less cost
  • Varying speed
  • Simple design
  • Long durability

Main features of epicyclic gear motor

  • Small size
  • Minimum oil leakage
  • Large displacement volume
  • Low noise level  

Hydraulic Vane Motors

These motors provide the higher efficiency solutions and a reliable performance for the wide range of industries. Having less internal leakage as compared to gear motors, these motors are utilized for agricultural machinery, industrial applications, and mobile applications. The renowned manufacturers design the super quality motors with custom configurations and great capabilities that deliver the satisfactory performance under almost every demanding condition. It provide the economical solutions for various applications such as automotive, screw-drive, material handling, turf care, agriculture, earth-moving, forestry, injection moulding, utility, and more.

Major features of hydraulic vane motors

  • Long service life
  • Vertical installation friendly
  • High torque at minimum speed
  • Easy versatility
  • Reliability in demanding application
  • Good serviceability
  • Simple designs
  • Less flow pulsation

Hydraulic Piston Motors

It comes in wide range of designs and combines the high speed with large displacement volumes at the higher operating pressures. People are using it for a variety of applications including ship-cranes, construction equipment, drive mobile devices, winches, and other heavy-duty hydraulic tools for both onshore and offshore operations. It is the best choice when operation need great amount of power. These are mainly of two types- Axial Piston and Radial Piston.

Axial piston motors employ with swash plate principle or bent axis design. Radial piston motors having capability to produce the high torques at very low speeds are used in caterpillar drives of cranes, ground drilling equipment, and dragline excavators.

Features of Axial piston motors

  • High power density
  • Higher efficiencies
  • Variable or fixed displacement
  • Great capability to adjust displacement

Features of Radial piston motors

  • Lower output speed
  • Higher output torque

While purchasing the hydraulic motors, always keep some point into consideration such as operating temperature, performance requirement of application, fixed or variable displacement, operating pressure and flow, shaft speed, reliability, installation, design, maintenance, noise level, and expected life.

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