Importance of Mattress Cleaning

Whether you live in an apartment or a standard family home, you must be making every possible effort to keep it clean and organized. As clean living spaces do not seem only nice to visitors, but it is also necessary for the health and wellbeing of you and family. Instead of regular cleaning and maintenance of floor, fixtures, furniture, cupboards and cabinets, you should not ignore mattresses, pillows and cushions. An average person might think, washing bed sheets, covers and cases are enough to maintain the hygiene. However, alone, it can’t promise to provide complete hygiene. In order to ensure absolute hygiene, you should schedule the deep dry-cleaning of foamy furniture

 What happens if you don’t plan cleaning?

 As we use sheets and bed covers to layer the foam before we lie on the bed, you might be thinking tidying of foam does not make any difference. In fact, you have wrapped up well in a cover before placing it over the bed; still, you need to fix a slot for deep vacuuming. If you ignore decontaminating this porous sheet, you will be suffering from allergies like itching, skin irritation, cough and asthma in severe cases. Foam is a porous material that can effortlessly capture dust, sweat, moisture and dust mites while supporting the growth of microbes, mites and fungi, which is not good for human health.

Common health risks of sleeping over untidy mattress

If you are neglecting mattress cleaning keep sleeping on the same uncleaned foam, you will be suffering from medical conditions like sleep deprivation. The primary cause is the accumulation of dust mites and allergens in the cavities of foam. Allergens are the major cause of skin irritation and itching, which will disturb you several times during sleeping. If you daily suffer from sleep deprivation, it will eventually start affecting your mood and health with problems like insomnia and obesity.

It doesn’t stop here, if you don’t consider replacing or tidying this dirty foam, it will double the risk of allergic reactions. Having been the home for millions of bugs, microbes and dust mites, resting on the couch carrying such a heavy load of germs and allergens will irritate your lungs and can increase the chances of asthma attacks. Perhaps, you are thinking dusting and dry mopping will help you to get rid of this dirt and grime, then, unfortunately, you are wrong. Once the foam-fibre engulfed such particles, they sit deep inside the pockets, which makes it almost impossible to remove completely.

What is the best solution?

 As you have been suffering from bad health, cough and allergies due to keeping a dirty mattress in your bedroom, then ideally you should replace it. However, this is not a permanent solution. Replacing frequently is not possible, but regular vacuuming seems very sensible. You can easily clean it with an upholstery tool of the vacuum cleaner. Be very careful while cleaning it at home. As foam hates water, never clean it water. If you pour the water on the surface, it will absorb in the side and entrapped in the pockets forever.

Conclusion: Cleaning your mattress regularly is inevitable, however, you can always hire a professional cleaner if you don’t have enough knowledge to carry out this task.


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