Why is it important to hire a destination company?

Destination Managment

With tighter budgets, fewer staff and decisions that have to be taken at a lightning-fast pace, event planners usually benefit from online search engines, make a call or drop an email.

This happens when booking an event right within a home city and at the receiving end, a group of professionals are likely to respond to the queries as they’ve valuable insight over the destination and many of its crucial aspects having a direct impact on the event.Destination Managment

What’s the role of a Destination Management Company (DMC) here and how it can be useful? Find out below!

What’s a DMC?

A Destination Management Company (DMC) is a local organisation to cater creative resources, itineraries and logistics administration services based on sufficient info of the destination. In usual cases, the owners and managers of these firms are locales with a strong history of their particular community. These companies offer various services based on client/customer needs. Most prominent of these are transportation, group activity services, special event arrangement and maybe all three.

Among the many, transportation services remain the biggest source of revenue for a DMC. Even if a country’s economy is volatile, event organisers have to commute from one place to another hence the service; in many cases, remains intact. These services typically include greeting staff at the airport with an individual carrying a named signpost in a uniform who escort the valuable guests to their chartered vehicles.

When a client’s interest lies primarily in the transportation niche, a local DMC is preferable to commute him from point A to B; says event management experts. This is because the company has the crucial insight of the roads, possible closures/dead-ends, load and off-load points, accurate directions and safety essentials.

Before organising a special event, many different factors are considered such as venue, themed food, a variety of beverage, entertainment features and audio-visual elements. It can be anything from extravagant galas, intimate gatherings to something simpler either onsite at the hotel or a huge convention centre.

Destination management company is excellent when exclusive tour programs, group activities, team building and excursions are concerned. But again, it can be onsite at the host’s preferred venue or somewhere remote such as a distant golf course or mountain side. 

Why use a DMC?

The reason planners turn to a DMC is to become an extension of the team and supplementation. Creativity and protection are the most prominent reasons for considering a DMC as its position in the industry will grant unique opportunities that weren’t available to the general public before. This includes access to private clubs, homes in the area and profitable hotspots right in the marketplace.

Much like an insurance programme, DMC also offer protection to the event by ensuring all vending partners holds an operating license and are insured so you may pursue hiring their services. DMC will assume responsibility to communicate changes, rectify errors pertinent to the event and make sure all partners are working in unison for mutual success.


When you’re going for a destination management company, do an eye for their certification that can be a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP).

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