Know the truth about SEO quick ranking

It’s just interest to know that every person who having a website and run into something to rank is called Professional SEO. In beginning SEO seems to be complex, but if you have the knowledge and skill to master it, then you get high ranking in search engine like ( google, bing & yahoo ) and you will get more leads or sales for your business. There are several things that you can do to increase the potential rank in search engines. In Professional SEO Service constantly needs to follow the  search engine algorithms thats keep on changing in order to provide the accurate result to the users. There are SEO experts in Melbourne who can offer you SEO services and help you to get higher ranking for your site through SEO. So you want to update your website according to the seo algorithms. Listed here are few main SEO facts that can help you get high ranking in a short period of time.

SEO Activity ( 75% of Off-page & 25% of On-page )

There are two important things in SEO – On-page & Off-page. These elements are nothing but Backlinks and content that is relevant for the word people is searching for in the search engine.

Page titles

It’s very important to have targeted Keyword in page title that are to be in attractive way because it shows up on Google or other search engines when people search. In addition to the page title, it is also important to include main keywords in Heading tags, ALT tags( image tags ) and paragraph text without keyword stuffing.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the brief preview of website page which appears under the title on search engine. If you write a tempting meta description it will increase the clicks for your site and include the keyword in it to increase the keyword density of a page.

Survey ( Top 5 results get 75% of the clicks )

In a recent study it proved that top 5 results on the search engine gets 75% of the clicks. So focus on high search volume keywords based on your website and increase that keyword density on your page. Don’t target more than 3 keyword per page.

Social Connection

Social Media is a important factor to increase the website traffic. In which Google+ acts as important social factor for SEO ranking. If your site is connected to social network such as Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, then the content on your site is considered more reliable by the search engines and there’s more chance to get ranking.

Quick tips for Quick ranking in Google through SEO

  • Add new and relevant content to your website consistently
  • Include keyword in URL if chance otherwise the URL is to be related to that page
  • Check for duplicate content in your website
  • Include social sharing buttons in your website
  • Add new content to social bookmarking sites
  • Include keywords in Meta tags
  • Avoid to build low quality links
  • Keep a proper on-page structure
  • Write the content readable for readers, not just for search engines
  • Determine issues in your wesite by conducting a full site audit
  • Get the help from professional seo service to brand a business name and to the top of the search engine now.
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