Love is Overrated, Give me good food instead

Falling in love might sound like the next best thing, but trust me; it isn’t, not even in the slightest. You may be of the insight that everything will start falling in place once you fall in love; but remember one thing, in the words of Taylor Swift – “We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, gets broken,” and rightfully enough, all those of you who haven’t fallen in this rat trap – beware! Because you never know what might happen in this journey that is based on baloney and trust issues, to say the least. If you still have made up your mind as to fall in love, I’d beg to differ. Let me present to you ten reasons as to why you should never-ever fall in love!

1. Makes you poor! Sad, but true! As soon as you indulge yourself in a relationship, all your finances start shrinking astonishingly! The lady/guy who was destined to bring you luck instead bring you mayhem which so disruptive that almost abruptly all your bank accounts start giving up on you! Be careful, that’s all I am saying.

10KeyThings love makes your poor

2. Leaves you broken! You make-up and then you break-up. The whole process is just so revolting! The entire idea behind this concept is bogus because in the end there nothing but “pain” is left to lend a helping shoulder on which you could certainly lie and cry upon. Everything that falls is bound to break – be it a lover who falls in love or glass vase that falls on the floor.10KeyThings Leaves you broken

3. All your hopes are thrown out of the window! You may have thought at first that everything would be perfect once you meet the “one” and all your problems would just fade away and all your life shall come under your control, remember? How’s that working for you? Did anything change? I think now, you can understand it better yourself.10KeyThings Hopes out of window

4. All your independency is lost! You can’t meet your buddies without telling your partner, you can’t go out without informing your partner, you can’t take a shower without consulting your love, you can’t spend a penny without asking your spouse, you simply cannot do ANYTHING without his/her say. Some love, eh?10KeyThings Independency lost

5. Your brain stops working! You become totally insane and start doing even insane things just because you are in “love.” You don’t care about the world, you don’t care about yourselves; all you care about is what makes “him/her” happy. You do fanatic stuff like buying brutally expensive things and getting tattoos in their name and all other idiotic stuff! Time to wake up, right?10KeyThings brain not working

6. Your Career comes to a stand-still! You now feel stuck in the middle of nowhere – with one foot set on a boat while the other on the land and both desperately trying to stay put. The thing is as soon as someone enters your life and starts interfering with it, all that you had conjured up till now comes to a halt as well.10KeyThings Career at stand still

7. It is blatantly time-consuming! You were once a punctual person who always landed up on time without fail. You had time for everyone on your watch and were always a happy-go-lucky kind-of Now, you gaze at yourself in the mirror and realize how pathetic you have become – self-obsessed would be an understatement. Why self-obsessed? Because you waste all your time either with your spouse or for your spouse; no time for others, I tell you!10KeyThings time consuming

8. You are forced to share information! All those things that were once privy to you are now on-demand needed to be shared with your partner. Fail once and bear the load of an angry and sad face for a long, long time! Once in a relationship, you must resort to sharing all your personal and professional information or else you’d be left with nothing but broken pieces of yourself!10KeyThings Share information

9. All your wishes are thrown into a trash-bag! You are not allowed to think and you have to give in to your spouse’s wishes – ignoring anything and everything that comes in between; doesn’t matter if that meant the world to you before, but all that you care about now is your partners’ desires and wishes! Well played, right?10KeyThings Wishes into a trash bag

10. Your life, as a whole, is SABOTAGED! You couldn’t sleep, you couldn’t arouse, you couldn’t do this, you couldn’t do that; basically, you couldn’t do anything without your partner’s consent. If this is not a prison, then what? Your whole life is now faced upside-down with only “his/her” way the only way out. All I could say is, “Best of Luck!”10KeyThings Life sabotaged

So, my dear friend, if you love your life and want no one interfering with it without your consent, then please, STAY AWAY FROM RELATIONSHIPS! Don’t spoil your life. Be happy and live peacefully!


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