The Places that You Must Visit When in Ranikhet

The Places that You Must Visit When in Ranikhet

Ranikhet is one of the truly unique hill stations in India which not only has a charm of its own but it is also surrounded by places nearby that are must visit when you make a stop at this cantonment town.The Places that You Must Visit When in Ranikhet

In fact, when you plan your trip to Ranikhet, first look up the various hotels in ranikhet with rates, pick the one that suits you the best and make bookings for a couple of days since you can make Ranikhet the base and visit these places and come back and spend the night there only! All these lovely places are located just a few kilometres away from Ranikhet and hence you should definitely visit them when staying in Ranikhet. Let us take a look at some of these places that you must absolutely visit :

  1. Manila: This quaint little hamlet is located only 87kms away from Ranikhet. You can reach the place within an hour and a half, spend some time here and then come back in the afternoon. If you want to avoid a mad rush of the tourists during the peak seasons, then you can travel to this less frequented place. The Katyuri clan is a local indigenous group of this region, whose clan deity is Manila Devi. This place is believed to have been her birth place and hence the name.
  2. Majkhali: If you want to steep yourself in pure natural beauty then you should visit the town of Majkhali. It is just 12kms away from Ranikhet and hence you will reach there within half an hour. Majkhali is a well-known picnic spot for the locals and if you have enough number of days in hand and a group of people travelling with you, you can also plan a picnic to this place. There is a temple here as well, dedicated to Goddess Kali which is quite famous.
  3. Bhalu Dam: Up for a short and simple trek? Well then you can trek for about 1km or so from Ranikhet and you will reach the Bhalu Dam. This is an artificial lake surrounded by a dense forest on all sides. Surrounded by snow covered peaks and forests, the Bhalu Dam is a sight to see with your own eyes.
  4. Dwarahat: If you want to visit a village that is full of temples, then Dwarahat is the perfect option. The name Dwarahat means the doorway to heaven and you can see some wonderful architecture over here in the temples that had been constructed in honour of the various kings of the Katyuri clan.
  5. The Dunagiri Temple: You will have to travel for an hour and a half to reach this temple, which is located quite near Dwarahat. It is believed that Dunagiri is one of the many places where the Pandavas had taken shelter during their exile period. Book car from any one of the Uttarakhand hotels in Ranikhet where you will be staying and do visit this beautiful place.

These are some of the most beautiful and exciting places that you must visit when staying at Ranikhet. Do plan your travel schedule accordingly.

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