Melt Your Fat and Lick into Shape by Playing these Mobile Games

Aerobics health

The resolution for many of them for this New Year must be to stay healthy and fit by either joining a fitness program or any other workout session. But because of the fast moving life and work pressure, people even have no time to spend with their family and friends. So in this case it is high time for them to take an extra step towards the fitness program, instead they would crash on the bed.

When people consider workouts as a fun activity instead of a task, then they will not have any pressure on spending the time for their health. Many researchers and scientists have found that, playing will boost the brain activity and motivates the person to work more efficiently in their job. Playing sports like football or basketball will be great, but if the person is not a sports fanatic- it is better to find an alternate option.

Fitness program is no more fun : Aerobics health

The first few days of joining the fitness program will be more fun and interesting, but after sometime it becomes uninteresting and tiring. And people mostly sign up for the fitness program with their friends and so if one fails to attend the class, the other person will feel gloomy and try to avoid the class. Thus, there is no point in joining the workout session when a person is not fully committed to the program.

When workouts are easily accessible and effective, then people will be more involved in doing the pushups and planks. The fitness trainers say that the trainees find it difficult to do the 60 yard sprint, but it is in a game or a race they forget about the numbers. And when a person loves what they do, they will never consider fitness as a task, instead they will do it at ease.

Digi games to get in shape : 

The mobile app developers have built several gaming applications that mainly focus on the health and fitness because people find are lazy to step out the house and hit the gym or fitness classes. Most of these fitness gaming apps have a wide variety games that include aerobics, strength training, balance games and yoga training apps that are productive and convincing.

Though there are several fitness apps available in the market, the gaming apps are even more effective and engaging than the fitness apps and the user does not know the time they spend playing these applications. These are stress buster games are the best option for those who wish to stay fit and enjoy shedding calories.

Stealth training app : 

This is a gaming app that helps the users to focus on the core strength. The core strengthening works focus on the trunk muscles to gain stability and balance, and the main exercise to strengthen the core muscles are the planks. By using this gaming app, the users can have fun while doing exercise because for each and every turn and twists the player hits a score on the score board.

The users have to place their mobile phone on the balancing board and open the game to start playing. The user must lie on the floor and rest their hands on the balancing board where the phone is kept, each time when the body moves the phone’s sensor will respond to movement and scores the player according to their movement. By using this app, the players are distracted from the stress and agony they get while doing planks. The app consists of several mini games in-built in a single package and each game lasts only for 3 mins, so the players will never get bored to play the game. This game is built in such a way that it targets twenty nine different muscles in the body that facilitates in the strengthening and balancing of the core muscles.

My fitness coach : 

This is a gaming app that includes a virtual fitness trainer who assists the users during the workout session and the app helps in achieving the private goals of a person. The name of the virtual trainer is Maya. To attain the goal of the user, the app creates a training chart with the routine workout sessions that concentrates on each part of the body and the users can also do selective workouts and concentrate on the specific areas.

The app has different variety of workouts in the game format, on an average there are about five hundred workouts included in the app like the flexibility, yoga, pilates, weight loss program and strength training programs. Since the app has video tutorials in it, the users can refer the tutorials when they have doubts in doing the workout. To make it more interesting, the app has a music collection with four different types namely the Latin, hip hop, dance and 80’s music.

More Workouts : 

This app is the successor application to the EA Sports Active that has different workout sessions that targets different parts of the body. The users can customize the workouts to concentrate on all the parts of the body, like the cardio, upper and the lower body part. If the user wants to try a complete body workout, they can customize it accordingly.

The users challenge themselves and fix goals by utilizing the six week challenge that includes crunches, abs, punches and curl ups and can also follow up their progress. The app also has warm up and cool down exercises that have to be done before the workout.

Wii fit Plus : 

This is a gaming app that has more than twenty new games and is the successor of the Wii Fit. So, the users who have the Wii Fit can upgrade the application to Wii Fit Plus and people who are using the app for the first time can buy the Wii Fit Plus bundle along with the balancing board.

There are different types of games available in the app that includes the ability to create personalized workouts, quicker navigation, calorie burning counter and profile creation.

Fitness Ultimatum 2010 : 

This is an intense workout application that is from the trainer of the Big Loser, Jillian Michaels. The fitness program is set for 6 months that comprises of rigorous training and coaching sessions with a custom style of workouts depending on the target. This gaming app has the boot camp settings that are packed with energetic core exercises and workouts like superset routines, cardio training and strength training. The app has the features to adjust the workout sessions with easy of difficult exercises, so the users can increase the range of the app from low to high, the app has a feature that can help the users to include their family members or friends and set challenges between themselves.

Biggest loser : 

This is a fun video game that allows the users to compete in a different set of programs from against the other participants in the application.  This app replicates the TV show based the big loser that is fun to play as well as helps the user to stay fit and the app has challenge programs in three different sets, so the user can fix their target for either four, eight or twelve weeks.

As the application has a calendar feature, the users can track their progress in the calendar and the players who win the challenges can receive the credits based on the progress.

The mobile gaming apps are the easiest and the cheapest way to reduce the weight and makes the training session a fun filled experience because the weight loss program does not comprise of tedious workouts but are filled with frolic and delightful games.

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