Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

“Freedom would be meaningless without security in the home and in the streets.” –Nelson Mandela

Today, with technology rapidly evolving each year, homeowners are afforded brand new and ingenious ways to protect their homes. From remotely controlling security locks to monitoring security cameras with the aid of fast internet, homeowners can now relax and allay their fears of leaving their homes unprotected. They can now sleep easier at night with the knowledge that they are given a wider leverage when it comes to protecting their homes and by extension, their families and belongings. In this regard, we can safely assume that the digital revolution has finally made its way into our homes that what was once possible only in Sci-Fi and tech movies are now becoming rather common in most households. To have an overview of just how much technology has changed the way we secure our homes, here are some of the ways technology has helped homeowners leverage their home security:

  1. Remote Monitoring

Wherever a homeowner might be, he or she can no keep an eye on their homes through remote monitoring. Regardless of how many miles away you are from your home, as long as you have a steady internet connection, you can easily receive real time videos and photos of whatever is happening in your homes. All you would need is a device (a smartphone, tablet or laptop) and connection to the internet. In this regard, you can check any part of your home for intruders. Moreover, newer models now come with the added features of arming and dismarming security system and sending fire or intrusion alerts.

  1. Smart door locks

The innovation of a smart door lock is one of the most beloved inventions by homeowners when it comes to home security tech. Detecting your presence is as easy as using the Bluetooth of your device and unlock the door for you. Some digital locks would also enable you to connect your home automation system and send signals to other devices such as the smart thermostat that you are away and have it enter into energy-saving mode.

  1. Home Sensors

With today’s advancement in technology, premium home security kits are now able to sense your presence and open or close the door automatically for you. These can be installed not only on doors but on windows as well. You can be easily identified with the use of motion detection, winks and waves to determine your identity and can be controlled remotely from a smart phone or a tablet.

  1. Smart garage systems

With smart garage systems, you can now control your garage by pligging into a network adapater into your home router and registering your unit with that same provider. Controlling it is as easy as using your iOs or Android device which would allow people to get in and out of the garage whenever you are not home. Apart from these security features, these sytems would also let you know how long a garage door has been open.

  1. Fingerprint scanners

If you have a smart phone or a tablet, you can be assured that fingerprint scanning is readily available to you. It has quickly been gaining momentum with homeowners and as it is still in its nascent stage, we can expect that more features security wise would be added soon. Today, fingerprint scanning is a feature that is included in most home security devices. Fingerprint door locks have been increasingly used nowadays and for those who would not want their internet security compromised, this can be an excellent alternative to the aforementioned Wifi or Bluetooth door locks.