Painting Tips for Home Interior and Exterior

Painting the interiors and exteriors of your home can freshen up your living space and bring in a new positive energy. Painting is essentially a home improvement activity to give it a new look and feel. Though it appears simple, it is not as easy it may look. There are painting tips to be followed to get great looking walls for your home.

Paint Selection

Paints are classified as oil-based paint known for its sheen and water based paint or latex. Nowadays, oil-based paints are not used for painting rooms as they have a strong odor, require mineral spirits for thinning and dry slower than latex.

Water based paints have less odor, resists yellowing, can be thinned and cleaned up with water. Water based paints have become a natural choice for interior walls and ceilings and also can be used for exteriors. Use of Latex enamel produces a harder and durable finish. It is widely used by painters for interior trim.

As for paint finishes, paints come in various sheens – matte, satin, eggshell which can be used for walls or trim.  Gloss and semi-gloss paints are used for walls as they are easier to clean and can also be used for trim work.

Calculate amount of paint

You have to measure your walls that require painting and type dimensions into an easy online paint calculator. Measurements of your windows, doors, trim will also be asked by this calculator. It then gives you a precise total and you can buy the number specified along with a quarter more for extra touch-ups.

Surface Preparation

Remove grease and stains on your walls. Clean interior walls with a damp cloth. Wash the exterior walls before application of paint. Allow all surfaces to dry before a fresh coat of paint.

Do all repairs that are needed. Patch dents and nail holes inside the walls, remove loose paint, sand rough spots with a sander or by hand.

Use of Primer

Primer should be used on unfinished surfaces, when the walls are badly stained or when you are painting a light color over a dark one or before painting over oil-based paint with latex. It will provide proper adhesion between the paint and the surface, thus creating a consistent, neutral surface.

Types of brushes for applying paint

Only by using high- quality brushes and rollers designed for the type of paint you are using, can you expect good results.

Order of painting

Clean baseboards and dusty ceiling corners. Apply painters tape. Put down drop cloths. Begin by covering the edge of the trim with painter`s tape, use a brush to cut in corners along ceiling, baseboards, windows and doors. Next, paint the room top to bottom: Ceiling, then walls and remove tape and paint trim.

Use Drop Cloths

To keep the place tidy and clean without getting messy, use drop cloths or plastic sheeting to absorb drips and spills. Clean brushes well after use.

Home Painting Services in Dubai

If you are living in Dubai, the colors of walls in your home tend to change quickly due to the extreme sunlight exposure in the desert region.

If you have decided to paint the interiors and exteriors of your home, then you can avail the home painting services offered by professional painting companies or home maintenance companies in Dubai. Good home painting services in Dubai will handle your coloring work and offer you useful tips about which paint type is the best suited to your home needs and they should also use the right coloring techniques. So, choose the best and reliable home painting company for your home.

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