Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Dogs bites are as bigger a problem in the United States as any other. Canine is indeed a man’s best friend, but just like any other best friend, this friend sometimes bite.

The dog bite at times does more than a physical injury; it can scar a person for life. So, for these reason, laws all over the United States of America are very strict, especially in California.

Know the law : 

According to California Civil Code section 3342, an owner whose dog, bites or attacks other person is “strictly liable” for the resulting injuries and damages to victim/s.

The law also says a victim doesn’t have to prove a dog owner was negligent in restraining his/her dog.

All a victim has to do is to prove that he was injured or attacked by the dog that belongs to the defendant.

If you are in Covina when the accident happens, you must consult a dog bite attorney in West Covina, for legal actions.

The very first action : 

The first thing you need to do while performing first aid to a dog bite victim is to try stopping the bleeding if the wound is bigger.

Place a clean cloth on the wound and keep the injured area elevated.

However, if a wound is not so big or serious, you should encourage the bleeding, you can squeeze the wound.

Bleeding will prevent the bacteria from entering the wound and eventually the body.

Wash it :

You must always wash the wound while providing first aid; use soap and water for this purpose.

Run it under warm water for a few minutes.

If the soap is antibiotic, then it is for the best. Otherwise, anything will do in this situation.

Tie it up

Tie a piece of cloth two inches above the (bigger) wound, so that the bacteria doesn’t enter into the bloodstream.

Make sure the cloth is tied tight enough so that it can stop the blood flow in that part.

Medical help :

One should always consult a doctor if s/he is bitten by a dog, no matter if the wound is major or minor.

You never know what kind of infection the dog might have been carrying.

After the first aid

  • After you have provided the first aid to the victim, call the police and animal control and file a report.
  • As evidence take pictures of the wound, bruise, torn cloth (if any), etc.
  • Note the dog’s license information, write down owner’s details and also of the other witnesses’ details for legal action.

The ending note

Dogs just bite because they feel they are in danger or when they are in a stressful situation.

Sometimes dog bites to protect their pups or their owners, and sometimes they bite accidently while playing.

According to a survey, every year 4.5 million people suffer from a dog bite. So, next time you see anyone in a similar accident step up for the help.

Just make sure to file a complaint and contact a dog bite attorney whenever such an incident occurs.