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Croatia is known to be one of the best sailing destination in the world. This is because of its numerous number of islands and a thousand kilometers of coastline lined with the ancient historical ruins. The islands in Croatia are mostly close together thus they give you the ease of movement as you cross from one to another. You can also have the pleasure of visiting the ancient Roman and Greek towns where you can enjoy cycling. A part from sailing,you can do snorkeling and swimming in the blue Adriatic sea, island hopping or just do a sea kayaking tour. Moreover, winds are generally calmer here as compared to other destinations. This makes it to be more comfortable when sailing along the vast coastline.

Places to Visit


One of the best Croatia sailing regions is the Dalmatian Coast that is located in the Southern Croatia. It starts from Split or Dubrovnik. It is the most popular destination for the first-time visitors and it is famous because of having beautiful islands,buildings,old city palaces and forts. Having a numerous number of local restaurant makes it to be best region to have a fancy nightlife. While still within this region,you can spend hopping between islands like Hvar, Vis, Brac and Korcula which are simply accessible. Due to various places to see and varieties of activities, Dalmatian remain to be a great place for all ages.


Another beautiful place that you can visit is Istria. It is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic sea that occupies the Northern Coast of Croatia.Formerly known to be part of Italy,this place is still under the influence of the Italian Cuisine,culture and language though it is now a Croatia property. Sailing holidays in Istria are extremely popular due to the geographical position they are in and overall tradition and atmosphere that region provides you with, you will have no problem sailing in Istria. The Coastal towns in this region like the Rovinj, Porec and Pula are mostly crowded during the months of summer as they are the popular stops for travelers though you can move to inland of Istria where you can find amazing towns and villages visited by few people. Istria is destination of local culture and remote beauty. You will visit small towns,explore its inland on great day tours like cycling and wine tasting tours.It makes the best option for groups or families who want to explore the natural beauty of Croatia.

Planning your Visit

If you are planning to visit Croatia during the months of summer,that is June to August(the busy months),then you should book your trip in advance since hotels and boats are in high demand during this time.This will help you get the best hotel and boat for your sailing adventure.Ideally,everything should be reserved for you by the end of February but if your plan is to visit after or before summer then you will not have to book accommodation and boat that early.If you are travelling from places outside Europe,you could probably fly into Dubrovik,Zagreb or Split via Europe connecting flight.For a minimum of 7 days,all sailing charters are scheduled from 5 pm Saturday to 9 am Saturday.

Choosing Boats

There are various boats one can choose. This mostly depend on your preferred style of sailing,the size of your group and the budget. The boats are readily available ranging from basic ones called monohulls to the luxury motor yatch. They are either independently chartered or fully staffed with crew. Otherwise, it is advisable that you inquire about the age of boat you have chosen since they happen to worn out after around 140 days of usage annually especially if not well maintained. The boats are charged differently according to the type and the number of sailors they carry. The charges are on weekly basis.