Re-Entry of Uber and Lyft to Austin for a good cause

Re-Entry Of UBER

In the present era, the ride-sharing apps play an important role in our lives.  The people are able to travel easily in and out of the city with the help of GPS navigation devices, Smartphone. The new trend is the on-demand transportation service industry. The on-demand service companies are actually trying to serve the best in the market in order to satisfy the people’s expectations.

A Brief Sketch about Lyft

Lyft is a US-based transportation network company located in San Francisco. The real fact is that Lyft took some of the good business concepts of Uber. The Lyft charges about twenty percent of commission from each ride while the eighty percent of the commission goes to the driver. The user can track the location of the driver with the aid of the map. There is no cash in hand method and the credit card system is used for payment method through the app. It connects the passengers with the cab drivers available at the closest location.

Proceedings of Lyft

Surge Pricing

The Surge pricing is popularly known to be Heat maps, which means they are said to be time specific and location specific one. Here the prices are increased when there is a huge demand for the cabs in a particular location.

The Customer’s Segments that raises the Lyft Profit System


Lyft is said to be a popular on-demand ridesharing industry, it can totally fit about four passengers. The main purpose of the Lyft harbors is to aid the people who just want to travel from one terminal to the other terminal. These passengers do not worry about the type of car they want to ride on.

Lyft Line

This type of service only can be enjoyed by the residents of the Los Angeles and San Francisco. It also gives the facility about sharing service, so that the passengers can share their cab rides along a specific path. This type of service works at a lower cost while the folks travel to their terminal point at the cheaper rates.

Lyft Plus

This type of service will be more appropriate for the rich people. To be more specific we can say that these types of service are luxury liners, big-seater cars. The total seating capacity of the cab service is of six and the luggage can also be included. Hence, automatically the rates are to be high. A feature known to be fare math calculates a higher minimum fare. The customers who wish to travel with their friends in a luxurious car, this type of service would do the justice to their travel.

Whether the Popular Ride-Hailing Companies left Austin?

A year back, the two ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft left Austin due to some arduous rules and regulations, as the city said to avoid necessary safety measures. According to a recent report, a huge number of local alternatives such as Fasten and Fare etc have risen up newly in order to fill the space left by the US-based gigantic companies Uber and Lyft.

Mostly, the services provided by the local alternatives the same experience. All this while there have been praised, but out of nowhere we can see that there is a downfall because of the too much demand occurred, the local riding apps got crashed. This incident took place on an annual tech and also entertainment conference that has become attended in the capital of Texas. The folks could not load the apps to assemble the cars and on the other side of the flip, the cabs could not connect with the riders.

At the same time, the Texas Legislature is considering a list of statements that would make ride-sharing regulations on a universal level. The ride-sharing companies such as Uber and also the famous foundation is known to be Texas Public Policy Foundation supports the proposed legislation. The account of charges is opposed by the city governments such as Austin, Corpus Christi, and Galveston where the gigantic company Uber does not operate because of the consideration of the intolerable regulations.

The ride-sharing has refashioned the way people get from one point to another point in the regional where it is permitted. In Houston, a most populous city in Texas, despite clashes between Uber and the regional government, ride sharing has become a cheaper alternative to the traditional taxis while being more comfortable one than the public transportation.

The Uber provided a smooth service when Houston’s transportation system was stressed, especially around a well-known stadium said to be NRG stadium where the game was taking place.  A new legislature which is known to be a business friendly state administers a wave of ride-sharing and overriding domestic ordinances. The passage of such a bill would eventually widen the ride sharing options across the state, allowing for the travels from one region to another.    If the protocols are easy to comply, Uber and Lyft will have competition, keeping the fare amount low and providing opportunities for both riders and the drivers.

 Uber and the city of Houston signed an agreement on Background Checks

According to a recent report, the famous ride-sharing service Uber and they city of Houston have come to an agreement over background checks for the drivers. The Houston folks agreed that the Uber drivers would no longer consider being a physical examination and also the Uber cabs would no longer be required to carry the fire extinguishers. If there is any probable cause, the drug test will be an essential one. The gigantic Company Uber also agreed to require its drivers to undergo a fingerprint background check.

The deal is outlined to get the ridesharing service in Houston, which is expected to generate a significant amount of business. There were several issues went on which made the ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to move out of the Texas state.  The Austin has been struggling with the ridesharing efforts and also on in the increased drunk driving incidents. The matter may be a problematic one in any case. Uber and the Texas state legislature have been working on a huge number of protocols established by the government that will be more convenient for the ridesharing companies and also them to continue operating in a cost effective manner. A bill was introduced recently that would establish such rules while embracing the Taxi regulations as a domestic matter.

The ride-sharing services such as Uber have cluttered the personal transportation industry in recent years globally. The company also provides the service of Smartphone app that allows the folks to sign an agreement with the willing drivers for a specific amount to take them places. The service is a cheaper one compared than that of using a traditional taxi and since the drivers are using their personal cars, the vehicles are very much neat than cabs are. Ridesharing has provided more transportation options, particularly for the disabled and the elderly people or they must depend on the public transportation or their friends, colleagues or relatives. The ride-sharing industry has aggravated the traditional tax companies which have pressured the governments to restrict the competing service. However, Uber and the other ride-sharing services have become so popular that Houston was obliged to take a more yielding position.

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