The ultimate Best DJ headphone buying experience

To buy a headphone we feel like which headphone will fulfill my demand, which one have good sound quality, how comfortable that will be for the long period of time. That confusion is natural and should be considered to buy a headphone particularly DJ headphone. If you do not consider those cases, you will not be able to get a quality DJ headphone. There is a common thing that if you are not satisfied with the DJ headphone, why you will buy a Best DJ headphone. So, as a cool DJ or real music loving person, you should see the following things, why you would buy a DJ headphone:

  • Cut the music
  • Awesome music production
  • Confidence
  • Compete
  • Style

When you decided to buy a DJ headphone, you should consider some features, like:

Sound Quality

The first thing that you should remember to buy a DJ headphone is the quality of that headphone’s sound. If you are thinking that it will perfectly reproduce, you are wrong. Headphones can reproduce deep bass and clear, crisp highs. Besides, at least 40mm diameter drivers should look for. And another simple thing is, it covers only 20 Hz to 20 KHz.


A human can hear only between 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. So, you need not have more than 20000 Hz.


With the high impedance of headphone, these need high power and vice-versa. It will be better if you buy headphones range between 32 to 100 Ohms. You should also consider the maximum input rating. You will notice that headphones with higher input power ratings typically command higher prices.


Your headphone will produce more volume if the sensitivity (dB) of your headphone is high. If you are a cool DJ, you need a range of 100dB/mW which is good enough. But be careful.


You are going to wear the headphone for a long time, right? So, comfort should be preferred. Moreover, earpads of your headphone need to be well padded and make sure the headphone cover your ears completely and comfortably. Furthermore, you should ensure easy adjustability that helps you to monitor both your cue and room mixes. Because most of time DJs wear a headphone in one ear. In addition, if you used to wear this around your neck, you should buy this with comfortable and light headbands that allow you to do that without roughness.

Apart from the above things, two other things that need to know. Those are:

Price Range

Your budget is, of course, one of the main things to consider. A decent budget, not too high not too low, is a felicitous solution.


For being a DJ, showing off purpose is very much important and style and the look of your headphone are for this purpose. This should consider carefully.

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