Essay writing services are required by many. What makes customers buy their thesis papers, etc.? The answer to it is simple, yet needs some understanding. Cashing out the expertise and experience in the field of academics / education is majorly considered the answer. However, at times it is beyond the statement.

Some writing companies cash the need of the students. It is because these customers or students are not sure about the production of their thesis paper and much more.

Cashing the Need – Shocking Truth:

The most common assumption regarding clients of essay writing services are that, they are the dull or lazy ones who just need a degree and take the easy way out of school, college or university. However, on the contrary, it has been observed that, even the students of ivy Universities have approached such services for completion of their respective assignments or papers for various reasons such as:

  1. Shortage of time
  2. Fear of Failure
  • Tough Assignment Standards
  1. Language Issue for Foreign Students
  2. Severe Consequences of Plagiarism
  3. Part-Time Jobs
  • Older Students with Families
  • Personal Struggles

These are few factors which have contributed in the ever increasing need for such services, especially for the essays, research papers and thesis. Whereas; as far as subjects are concerned, the students struggle with English especially in case of foreign students and Business Management related subjects.

 Factual Narrative:

 Retaining services of a professional writer for the task of completion of essays, thesis or papers is rooted in the serious lacunas in our educational system which allegedly making students prepared for the competing market while imposing strict ruling on plagiarism whereas, on the other hand putting them under a pressure cooker. Therefore, many have justified the purchase of such essays, papers or thesis as the case may be. Further, if a student has bought such paper then he has right to use it for the same subject or as a reference in other disciplines with certain changes.

It is also unfortunate to note that, universities give admission to international students who’s first language is not English so certainly he / she cannot write in such immaculate standard of language  which the Universities require whereas, on the other hand on facilitation is being provided in that regard, so what is the option left?

Moral Narrative:

The moral narrative remain unchanged which says that, justifications cannot change the grundnorms. Any justification would not change the meaning, intent or purpose of the word “cheating” which includes plagiarism and outside help.

Furthermore, provision of such services is producing lazy and intellectually lethargic students.

The art of Writing or drafting has been the key factor in all the field of work now and over this the communication skills are the top required skills if anyone wants to sustain in the market. Therefore, the students are neglecting these major factors while taking shelter under such writing service providers which ultimately will hamper their profession, job or business.

It is required of the students that, they make an effort at least and consult their respective mentors for assistance on regular basis. International students can also take certain courses to enhance their language and writing skills so does the local student including study groups. On the other hand Universities need to open Writing Centers for their students who need facilitation in respect of writing skills and by doing so the shocking truth about essay writing services can be curtailed, minimized and ultimately forgotten. But till then, lot is to be done from both sides.


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