Tinder Reveals Multi-User Virtual Reality Handset for the Upcoming Future


TinderOnline dating application plays a vital role for the bachelors in finding their true love and a perfect match that suits their life. However, the online dating application also has many advantages and disadvantages. If people are fond of using social media then they must be aware of the popular dating websites and applications. Every year the developers are releasing different types of dating application with an update to facilitate the needs of the people.

Natural dating is still outstanding across the world, but online dating starts to take the place of traditional dating especially in the world of younger generation. Some people who are not private to the workings of online dating application are not willing to try due to the security reasons and a general assumption that people whom you are meeting online are not as genuine as the people whom you meet at the time of traditional dating.

Online dating is created to provide a medium for the person who is trying to meet a perfect partner in their life and for those who are interested in love life. Online dating has made it easier for people who would like to find someone who is more compatible with the person they meet.

What is tinder?

Tinder is a location-based mobile application that uses social media to ease communication between two users who are interested in finding their true love. The application permits matched users to communicate with each other. Tinder is the most widely used online dating application which has branched out to offer more services and makes it more of accepted social application.

The application is the first swiping app where the people use swiping motion to select between the photos of alternate users, swiping right for good matches and left on a photo indicates a move to next one. The application is most widely used all over the world and it is available in 30 languages. As a prediction 50 million people use Tinder every month with an average of 12 million matches each day.

Anyhow, to get those matches, users make around 1 billion swipes per day. However, Tinder also has an age limit that people who are above 18 can use this application. The team is making an approach to create a new app for people of younger age. Tinder users swipe through 1.6 billion profiles and it makes more than 26 million matches each day.

Multi-user Virtual Reality Handset

Tinder has already revolutionized how people meet with each other. Above all, it has made a new approach to introduce multi-user virtual reality handset which could change dating all over the world. The new device was admitted at the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which has made a few announcements about the handset.

The app requires both parties to prefer in before looking at it thoroughly for a potential date. The company says that nowadays every people are launching a VR headset nowadays. The company also felt like creating a handset of their own. Their goal is to get people together to expose the experience in the real world.

Tinder Makes Entertainment with Virtual Reality Handset

The dating app Tinder has revealed its Virtual reality handset for bachelors who love to get connected in the global world. The idea of promoting virtual relationship is not like something that lines up with a message. This is the main reason where the headset is more real than virtual and it is only available on display at their CEO Booth for those attending conference in Las Vegas. Tinder entraps the users of dating app to join this by basically staring at each other by using the tube.

It is specially designed to emerge the people together in which it brings people together in a way they can’t connect truly over Smartphone. The reason behind this concept is people like to have enjoyment using the concept of virtual reality. It is one of the hottest trends for the year 2017. But the company’s mission is to help the people to match and meet up in the global world.

Tinder Has Made an Attachment With Spotify To Find Their Favorite Song

Tinder has disclosed one step ahead in its mission to help the users in finding their perfect match. As spotify opens up its record of songs to the popular dating application. This was launched in 2012 and it has become a great app for many people who widely use this service across the world. It also gives a suggestion for the users based on the matches.

The preference is based on mutual Facebook friends and the shared interests. The user of Tinder will have the facility to indicate their favorite songs and artists from Spotify’s gargantuan library of tunes. Anyone who is not concerned with Spotify can search it from within the Tinder app to match their favorite song and pin it to their profile for everyone.

Fraudulent Profiles Are Killing Tinder

Brazil’s health ministry announced that fraudulent profiles are killing tender by creating fake profiles which are becoming more popular now. The fast growing Tinder application for dating that primarily helps love at the first digital age is experiencing some difficulties from the time it was created. This is a great problem for tinder which describes itself as like a real life and it is a staggering number of fake accounts on the app.

The application entrusts on the Facebook profiles for registration and a user explains that The Tinder application has become flooded with fake profiles. You can be sure that about one-half of the people are false users when you scroll down to the user profile and biographic details. But it is very clumsy that you cannot go on checking each individual message to figure out whether you are really interacting with someone who is real.

Future of Online Dating

The online dating industry has changed extremely since Tinder app came into existence. The application managed to create a connection with its users and the product for its simplicity and comfort at which humans can probably interact with them. By designing its product towards a large number of female audiences, it has made a huge growth in it.

As a result, this has made online dating app less forbidden in a shorter space of time which is much efficient than the other application. Due to the introduction of Online dating application, the traditional dating sites are now stepping out and they introduce more adult propositions. Sites are becoming more and more popular for people who are married and for those who are searching for their life partner.

There is also another application that makes arrangements and events such as Match which facilitate the interaction with the users and it is flourishing too.  As of now, dating application has become a trend I would say that the future lies in these sites and applications that bring together for those who wish to have shared experience. This offers value added service and work towards personal needs and also their eagerness. This makes personalized filter and search option which allows for better decision making which is almost back to the old dating process.

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