Uber ties-up with Daimler for a new start of self-driving vehicles

self-driving vehicles

self-driving vehiclesDaimler is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. The company is one of the biggest producers of the premium cars and the world’s biggest global manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Daimler Financial Services offers financing, insurance, leasing, and many other innovative mobility services. As an automotive head, Daimler continues to shape the future of mobility.

The company focuses on innovative and viable technologies and safe vehicles that attract and inspire the customers. Daimler Trucks is shaping the future of transportation, and the folks are living up to this claim. They are consistently forging ahead with the focus on efficiency, safety, and connectivity. The Daimler Financial Services segment supports the sales of the company’s vehicle segments all over the world. Daimler’s new unit is currently available in the market which is a predictive powertrain control and low rolling resistance one.

Daimler Trucks:

The Daimler Trucks totally depends on three factors. They are Technology leadership, global market presence, and intelligent platforms.

Technology Leadership:

Technology leadership aims to set the clip for the entire industry and also to actively shape the future of transportation. The road carriage transport will continue to grow at the international level in the decades ahead, and the challenge will be to coordinate environmental and economic requirements. This can be achieved only with innovative and modern techniques so that the process will be more efficient one. In the case of autonomous driving, the Company took big steps in the year 2015, toward making the technology a market-ready one. U.S was the first country to approve the Freightliner Inspiration Truck for road use, making it the first autonomously driving truck to receive a good kind of certification. One of the units of Daimler, known as Mercedes-Benz became the world’s first autonomously driving production truck a successful one.

Major Factors on which Daimler Trucks depends:


The diesel fuel account is one of the major shares of a truck’s total cost of ownership. The fuel efficiency is one of the crucial factors for the consumers, and the company experts are giving their best to make their trucks even more economical one. In order to reduce the diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the company has to take an integrated approach that looks at the overall system of truck transport including the tires, fuel, operations, infrastructure etc. In the process of efficiency practical test, they used optimized overall vehicles to achieve the savings of twelve to fourteen percent in the year 2015.


The Active Safety systems are important for the trucks to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. The sector has accomplished a great deal over the past twenty years. While the transportation efficiency raised by around eighty percent in Germany, the number of severely injured folks by more than forty percent and the number of traffic facilities by over fifty percent. At this period, Daimler continuously set the standards and launched new innovative techniques on the market. Daimler was the first company to introduce a set of standard fitting techniques that detects the pedestrians and vehicles in the driver’s blind spot, In the future, a large number of advanced assistance systems and takes the folks a big step towards in achieving the accident-free driving.


Generally, a truck contains about four hundred sensors that generate huge amounts of data. The advanced telematics systems enable the companies to always know where their trucks are and how much fuel they are consuming. The drivers should attend a training course to learn how to save the fuel. Already the process has begun to exploit the potential of connectivity and soon it is expected to connect the self driving trucks to the cloud computing soon. The connected trucks provide new opportunities for everyone like the manufacturers, shipping companies, government agencies, financial partners and many others.

Global Market Presence:

The company is already started to expand the global footprint, like local value added in the main sales markets. They have a network of manufacturing locations globally, where they produce top-quality trucks according to the uniform standards. At present, they are strengthening the sales and service activities by creating new regional centers all over the world. The product range is stronger and more extensive than ever before and they are offering more than fifty truck models all over the world.

Intelligent Platforms:

The component modules enable the company to supply the folks with tailored technology worldwide and at the same time exploit the economies of scale. They supply innovative cutting-edge technologies to the core markets and also utilize traditionally and the proven technologies all over the world. The company has achieved huge cost benefits by offering in the numerous markets. The heavy-duty engine platform has been already introduced and at present, they are launching medium-duty engines in the United States as well.

The Start of a new Automated Transmission:

Daimler Trucks adds a new automated transmission to the range of products and it manufactures at the Detroit brand’s plant. At the same time, Daimler announces the production launch in Detroit that it will begin to manufacture the new medium duty truck engines all over the world in future. This will enable the products to reach the folks even more quickly. The Daimler Trucks is investing a total nearly five hundred million dollars in a new assembly line for its new unit as well as the development and production of the newer engines.

The Result of Efficiency Run:

Daimler Trucks presents the result of its field test for reducing the fuel consumption. In the case of a longer combination vehicle, targeted measures are even reduced fuel consumption by the seventeen percent. The drive of the debut self driving truck brings Daimler a step closer to realizing its vision of sale and efficient road freight transport. At the same time, the vehicle underscores Daimler’s status as a pioneer of autonomous driving and demonstrates the company’s global technology leadership.

Uber partners with Daimler:

The Uber has moved a step closer to its dream of self-driving, by having a partnership with the Daimler. Their main goal is to build autonomous vehicles that will operate on Uber’s transportation network. For the first time, a major automaker will provide its own self-driving vehicles without the Uber’s help specifically to operate on the ride-hailing company’s network. The agreement is not an exclusive one and Daimler may produce autonomous cars for the Uber’s competitors, while Uber can also bring other automakers for the ride-hailing in the open platform. The companies have exclaimed that the Daimler’s self-driving vehicles to reach the Uber’s network in the future. The auto manufacturers like Daimler are crucial to their strategy because Uber has no experience in making cars. The fact is that manufacturing a car is that really hard one. Uber’s global-ride sharing network with the world class vehicles of companies like Daimler is combined so that the Uber riders can have a good experience getting around the cities. Uber has a history of cooperating with automakers to produce the autonomous vehicles. The company has worked with Volvo to develop a self-driving utility vehicle being tested in Pittsburgh, near Uber’s self-driving research quarters. The Uber has also modified a fleet of Ford Fusion vehicles, outfitting them with sensors and cameras for the autonomous capabilities.

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